Ark Survival

What is the best escape after a very hectic day? You are exhausted and all you need is to escape and relax your mind. What is better than playing some thrilling, action games? Games increase the adrenaline and boost the idle state of our body.

So now we have to grab our PC, unbox our Xbox or move to the PlayStation. Because now, we’re turning our gaming mode on, and now we will lift our mood.

Action Adventure Games

Action adventure games are a mixture of action and adventure games. In adventure games, gamers need to solve some problems which are there in the games. The difficulty level of these games keeps on increasing. In adventure games, there is not a very high level of activity, or sometimes there is no action in these games.

We are now moving ahead with action games. In action games, there is more involvement of gamers’ reflexes. These games involve more action. Action adventure survival games like Ark Survival are the best to pump our nerves. Action adventure games are better than other genres and are worth playing.

The main reason behind these fascinating games is that they have very long chapters. These chapters take a long time to complete. Additionally, the increasing level acts like icing on the cake. So the thrill remains intact in the whole game till the end.

Maps or the different locations at which gamers can play are good. Playing on different maps helps our minds to adapt our gaming skills in different locations with different difficulty levels. Action adventure games have different maps, which are worth exploring.

In a nutshell, we can say that action adventures such as ark survival involve problem-solving and action in a game. They are power packed and give a thrilling experience.

Now let us move ahead with Ark Survival and it’s maps worth exploring. These maps are worth trying.

Ark Survival

Ark survival is a prominent action-adventure game. This game was launched in 2017 from the house of Studio Wildcard.

The game was initially launched in mid of 2017 on Linux, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One. By 2018 the developers of the game launched a mobile application for the game. For Android and iOS, the developers launched the game at this time only. Later the game was launched by the developers on Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

Ark survival is an action-adventure and survival game. This game has both single and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer games, we have to join different servers.

In this game, players are stuck on different maps, and they have different problems to solve. Simultaneously, the players have to survive the adverse conditions which they will face. The survival includes fighting with monsters, dinosaurs, and natural and other potential hazards.

In this game, the characters move around with the help of their animals. Players are also equipped with different equipment and weapons. These help them with self-defense and conquer all enemy creatures and monsters.

Maps In Ark Survival Which Will Not Disappoint You

The Ark Survival game has many maps. With every update and new package, there is advancement in the game. Sometimes these updates include the launch of new maps with an increase in the difficulty level of the game.

Now let us learn about the best Ark Survival maps, which are worth exploring and playing.

The Island

This is the most basic map in the game. The first map that gamers will encounter is The Island. This is a type of cannon game. Moreover, it was the first cannon map that the developers of the game launched.

This map is like the base of a building for beginners. This map is the best for knowing our skills and seeing a glance at the game. The Island offers players to establish their identity in the game. Eventually, they can run to the top of the food chain. The game also involves many caves through which gamers can go through.

This map involves action between the players. In short, it is a PvP battle arena. The reason behind this map being a PvP battleground is due to it’s compact size. Also, for hiding, there are not many places to convert yourself.

In many subsequent maps, gamers will have an extra element to fight: the weather. But, on The Island, there are no challenges from the adverse conditions of the weather. Gamers can spot the Silica Pearls here.

In this map, gamers will encounter 123 creatures. While participating in the event, a player will encounter 17 creatures in a single bunch.

Gamers also get Explorer notes and Dossiers. These notes help the gamers with some useful information. This information helps the gamers to solve problems that they will encounter. These notes are not concentrated in one place but scattered everywhere on the map of The Island.

This map also comprises artifacts. The whole map has ten different artifacts. These can be found anywhere on this map.

Talking about the weather of the game. There are a total of 2 seasons. Namely, rain and fog. Rain has an advantage for the players. This helps the players to store the water for them. In fog, it is advised for gamers to stay low as much as possible. This is because of low visibility.

Scorched Earth

Like The Island, this map is also a cannon map. Among Ark Survival gamers, this is known to be one of the toughest maps of the game. As the map name suggests, this map has very adverse weather conditions.

Here games have to survive the scorching heat and disastrous weather conditions. These situations can lead to many problems for the characters in the game. Heat Strokes and dust storms affect the charter in the game a lot.

Gamers need to pay their full attention while playing on this map. It is suggested to keep a close eye on your energy consumption. Moreover, any step taken in haste can cause their death on the Scorched Earth map.

Like the previous cannon map, Scorched Earth is also a small map. Here players can find the farm oil.

This map has fewer creatures. You will find 49 creatures in total on this map. You could find these creatures anywhere on the map. Additionally, there are 18 unique creatures that gamers will encounter on this map. Also, there are ten event creatures as well. Players are provided with different types of 15 weapons and equipment.

This map is worth exploring for players seeking a bone-chilling experience in the whole game.


It is also a cannon map, but this map is big and worth exploring. This map is considered to be the hardest map in the whole game. This map places itself above Scorched Earth in terms of difficulty level.

On this map, the monsters are genetically mutated. This makes them more deadly. So, the harsh weather conditions with the deadly monsters make this map the toughest for the players.

Earthquakes, extreme weather, radiation from outside, and poisonous threats from the elements are common here.

In this map, players will encounter ten events and 22 unique creatures. Same as other maps, you could find these creatures anywhere on the whole map. But, there are only three normal creatures across the whole map.

Gamers are equipped with 14 distinctive weapons and equipment to fight the evils.


It is a non-canon map of the game. This map relieves the players as it is not that difficult, and gamers can easily play it.

This map has very little density. It has a very big area, but you can find things in a little area. The weather conditions are not harsh here. Moreover, the enemy creatures can be easily fought by the gamers here.

Unlike others, this map is absolutely free for gamers. So, this map gives exposure to the game. This game gives a better gaming experience. There are breathtaking views on the whole map.

This map has creatures from both The Island and Scorched Earth. There might be some creatures that are in the latter maps but not in Ragnarok. There are 19 event creatures in the game. Additionally, there are eight unique creatures.

We are talking about the weapons on this map. Sadly there are only two weapons on the whole map. But no need to worry as playing on this map is very easy. Gamers will find 11 artifacts around the whole map.

The Center

It is also a non-canon map. Like Ragnarok, this map is free to play for gamers. Gamers can play on this map to show their basic skills and explore their hidden skills. All the free maps in the game give the player a basic understanding of the whole game.

In spite of being a free map, this map has everything other paid maps offer. This map is for the battle between the players.

There are no unique creatures on this map. But there are 116 basic creatures and 15 event creatures. Also, there are no weapons on the maps. You can find 11 artifacts here.

Crystal Isles

This map is also free to play with. It comes under the category of the non-canon map. In Ark Survival, there are only a few maps where you can find a very peculiar creature. It is called Argentavis. This creature can fly and carry loads with it. This creature can fly for very long distances.

This creature is very helpful for the gamers on the map. It is because it will save you from all the threats which you normally encounter on the land. Moreover, you can hover around in the sky like an eagle and land only at that place which is fruitful for you. This helps us from getting tangled between obstacles.

In Crystal Isles, you find many other creatures from which you can take help and move to other places on the maps. This will help in conserving your stamina, which you can save for later for any other work.

This map has a very large density. There are around 158 creatures. Additionally, you will find six unique creatures and 14 event creatures. If you have enough willpower to survive here and win over monsters, you can find 18 artifacts here.

Genesis (Part 1)

This comes under the category of cannon maps. It is one of the latest maps the developers introduced in the game’s new packages. The difficulty level of this game stands between moderate to hard. Now, it completely depends upon the skills of the players. For a professional gamer, this map can be very easy. While for amateurs, it can cause them a little bit of trouble.

An additional feature of this game is that the players have no compulsion to complete any missions. It depends on them to either complete it or not. But in other maps, you have to do the respective tasks you have been assigned.

For crystal farming, gamers can play on this map. For crystal farming, this map is considered to be the easiest. So most of the players seek this map to play. The reason behind this is the low difficulty level, but still power-packed.

Here you can find 99 creatures. Exploring the whole map, you will encounter 22 X creatures here. These are different creatures other than the normal, unique, and event ones. Additionally, there are 11 unique and 12 event creatures, which gamers can find anywhere across the whole length of the maps.

Players can get around 12 weapons to protect themselves from fighting the enemy monsters.

Genesis (Part 2)

This is the most advanced map in the whole game. As the gaming industry has witnessed many competitors in it. The developers of the game gained their potential and went on developing this map to give a next-level experience to it’s gaming community.

This map will show technological advancements, unique creatures, varying weather conditions and new weapons worth trying.

This map can work as a stage for professional gamers to showcase their gaming skills.

Apart from the basic 136 creatures, there are different “R creatures” on this map. They are around 19 in number. Moreover, there are 12 unique and 18 event creatures. Seeing these figures and the latest add-ons and advancements in the game, we can say that this map deserves a standing ovation.

Here you can find six weapons to conquer your enemies.


This is a very district map from others. Here you find Deinonychus, a creature that you can domesticate. To domesticate this, you can either steal it’s eggs, or you can also breed the eggs. This creature is very helpful for gamers. It’s because it is a very loyal and powerful pal.

New players can exploit this game and understand it’s highs and lows finely. Here the weather factor is not problematic for the players. This map has serene locations and suitable weather. Additionally, you can witness the rainbow and auroras we see at the North Pole.

The best thing you can do while playing on this map is to explore it’s forests and places where you can find deadly creatures. This will boost your interest in this game.


This map shows an extinct image of the Earth. The earth has been destroyed, and there is little to no sign of any life. As it has been destroyed, surviving in this setting is problematic and challenging.

Explore the abandoned cities, explore the creatures, and find weapons for fighting with them. Here you will encounter Titans, the gigantic walking creatures.

To find destructive equipment, try to find Gacha Crystals. This will help you to find weapons for fighting monstrous creatures. Moreover, you can loot the carats. Descartes can be found on different terrains of the map.

Lost Island

Recently gaining popularity, the reason behind this is it’s incredible features. Lost Island is the best map you will find on the whole map. This map contributes to the game Ark Survival an even more prehistoric atmosphere and an amazing gaming experience for the gamers.

This map takes the whole game back to it’s roots and gives the pure experience of an adventure-action game. This map is a mixture of old vibes and new technological advancements.

Lost Island is one of the greatest maps. Here you can play, battle with players or with the monstrous creatures both. The reason behind being it’s big map size. Additionally, you will be perplexed while playing this game, as you will be lost in the deep jungles of Lost Island.

Final Words

Ark Survival is one of the most famous games in the gaming community. Over the years, this game has marked it’s spot in adventure action games, and all love it. The graphics, gaming experience, and then, most importantly, maps of the game have fascinated the gamers a lot. Here we learned about the maps of the Ark Survival. These are the best maps. It completely depends on whether you have to play in canon or non-canon maps. You should try playing the free maps even if you want exposure to Ark Survival. Eventually, you will not be able to resist seeking the paid maps. This is the craze that you would experience after playing this game. The gamers often play maps like Lost Island, Genesis, and Crystal Isles. Moreover, the developers are gaining huge popularity from their fan base.

In the upcoming years, developers are expected to come up with more game advancements and introduce more maps. Till now, if you have not tried playing Ark Survival, do not wait for anything. Just navigate to PlayStation and download this game. It will not disappoint you. So, hold your seats tight and take a nerve-pumping experience from this game.

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