Best Browser for Firestick / Fire TV (2020)

Best Browser for Firestick / Fire TV (2020):

Here on KrispiTech we have made a guide on a few of the best browser for firestick in 2020. We have also given a short description of each down below. You can peruse through this guide and to your liking or preference you can install it on your firestick device and browse the web.

There are many of browser available out there on the Internet but all the browser applications will not support Firestick. On this basis we have made a guide on a few of the best browser for firestick.

Now let us begin, first and foremost we have Google’s designated browser app:

Google Chrome
Best Browser for Firestick
Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers in the world and one reason for this is because of its user-friendly interface which gives the user a great user experience (UX). It is one of the safest browsers developed by Google compared to the others developed by Google. The Chrome Browser has multiple functionalities such as adding extensions, bookmarking and easy browsing. The Google Chrome is a lightweight application however is known to consume a lot of memory especially when you have multiple tabs opened up on a low RAM (spec) device. There is also an incognito mode which allows its users to browse privately without utilizing cookies.

Features of Google Chrome:

Consume less amount of Internet Data.
Google Translate Available.
Watch Videos Offline.
Fast Downloads.
Developer tools.
Browse Fast.
Incognito browsing.
Sync Chrome with your device.
Allows Bookmarking.
Protects the device with Google safe browsing.
Voice Search available.
Light Weight Application.
Clear out your cookies and Cache in a single tap.
How to Install Google Chrome on Firestick /Fire TV.

Best Browser for Firestick
Mozilla Firefox is another best Browser available for firestick along with many features available with it. For some time it has served as a major competitor against Google with lots of features that rivals their browser. The Firefox browser is also known to be first and most trusted web browser for privacy with tens of millions of users all around the globe. On Firefox you can easily share your webpages or links on social media in a single go. This feature is exclusive to the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Features of Mozilla Firefox:

Allows Bookmarking
Add Extensions as much you want on the browser
Quick share option Available.
How to Install Firefox on Firestick/Fire TV in 2020
Fast Web Browser
Intelligent Search options make it faster to search.
Advanced Privacy options
Sync your device with your browser
Intuitive Visual Tabs

Web Browser
browser firestick
The Web Browser is a basic browser which comes readily available for your Firestick device. It is such a basic browser to browse with but the a major downside is that there is no bookmarking option feature available for this browser. The web browser also supports incognito mode which does not store or keep a track of your cookies.

Features of Web Browser:

Search with Google / Bing / Baidu ETC.
Full-Screen option available
Clear and retrieve your History
Custom User-Agent settings
How to Install Web Browser on Firestick /Fire TV
Fast Speed
Tabbed Internet Browsing
Incognito Mode: Private browse the web without saving any browser history.
Security: Keep your browsing safe & private.
Browse Faster with accelerated page loading

Silk Browser
browser firestick
The Silk Browser in my own terms is a bloatware browser app that comes readily available on the Amazon Firestick device. The Silk Browser is a fast, simple and intelligent browser developed by Amazon.

Features of Silk browser:

Access information about networks
Power Manager Wake Locks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
Access information about Wi-Fi networks
Manage the list of accounts in the Account Manager
Allows an application to receive messages via Google Cloud Messaging
Access the vibration feature
Open network sockets
Access the camera device
Global audio settings
How to install Silk browser on Firestick/ Fire TV
Access the list of accounts in the Accounts Service
Read the sync settings
Send information about completed downloads
Act as an Account Authenticator for the Account Manager
Read & Write to external storage
Allows browsing history and bookmarks
Access location


An Internet Browser is a important necessity tool for a smart device because most persons want to surf the Internet. On this basis the internet browser must be compatible with the firestick device as well as user-friendly. Thus we drafted this article on a few of the best browsers for your Firestick device. We made sure to examine certain factors such as speed, weight,  user-friendliness, handy features and a few more factors. So we encourage you on trying one or a few of these browsers on your Firestick and see which one you like so that you can browse the internet comfortably.

However if you have any suggestions or questions you can let us know down in the comment section below.

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