OPPO is a brand which offers cool camera phones. Along with a great camera, OPPO F7 has a lot more to offer. A good look with all the necessary features and some more special ones. Indeed with a 25 MP front camera, OPPO F7 is a selfie expert. With this new phone, you can multitask as well enjoy isolation by blocking notifications.

Some special features of OPPO F7 include its long lasting battery and a dedicated SD card slot as well. Here are some interesting features of OPPO F7.

Gesture Navigation

You can easily replace the navigation keys with swiping gestures. Not only this, you can even customize these gestures according to your preference.


It has a 6.23-inch display that too full HD+. It is a full view phone and allows full-screen multitasking.


Contacts To The VIP category

You can add contacts to the VIP category. This helps to avoid missing an important call as your phone will ring even when on silent if a VIP contact calls.

Game Acceleration Mode

It even has a game acceleration mode with which you can block all the notifications and avoid calls while playing games. You can concentrate on games without any disturbances.

Private Space In OPPO F7

There is a private space in OPPO F7 which enables you to keep your documents, files or any other important stuff safe. You can preserve these with a passcode or fingerprint. No one will be able to access these files without your permission.

Multi-Touch Prevention Mode

OPPO F7 comes with a Multi-touch prevention mode which reduced unnecessary screen touch or multi-screen touch. Even when your phone is in your pocket, this mode stops the phone from working.

App Lock Mode

App lock mode helps to lock some of your specific apps with a passcode or fingerprint. You can safeguard your apps from kids also.

Kids Space Tools

OPPO F7 gives you one more feature to limit the access of kids of your phone. Kids Space tools help you to allow time for specific app usage. You can prevent the child from placing a call or purchasing anything online with this tool.

Three Finger Screenshot

In another phone, to take a screenshot you need to long press the volume down and power buttons or access the screenshot key from the notification toolbar. OPPO F7 has a special feature of three finger screenshot. You can simply swipe down with three fingers and the screenshot will be taken. It also gives you an option to take a long screenshot.

Device ON/OFF preset

There is a Device ON/OFF preset tool that allows you to set an on or off time in advance.

Here are some OPPO F7 tips and tricks

  • You can remove the unwanted default apps and replace them with your more preferred and faster apps.
  • The notch can also be hidden if it irritates you.
  • You can open the split screen mode by long pressing the recent app button or even swiping up with 3 fingers will work similarly.
  • It also has various camera features. It has a Vivid mode as well as AR stickers. Vivid mode enables normal photographs whereas with AR sticker you can use various camera tools that Instagram and other social media offer.
  • You can access the tool of screen recording by swiping down the notification bar.
  • You can easily copy your data from one phone to another as it generates a QR code.


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