Beware: Scammers Posing as WhatsApp Support Are Stealing Data

A malicious WhatsApp campaign aimed at stealing sensitive data from unsuspecting users is in wild, where scammers are posing as WhatsApp support teams.

With a fake verified badge in their profile picture, these scammers are trying to steal the 6-digit account PIN or credit card details of users with this campaign. Users are advised to be vigilant and report such suspicious accounts to WhatsApp moderation for blocking.

A Fake WhatsApp Support Campaign

As WhatsApp is being used by over two billion people, scammers using it as a means to defraud users isn’t unnatural. In this pursuit, WaBetaInfo reported a new malicious campaign where one of it’s Discord users (shimon128) was targeted.

As per it, unknown scammers are messaging WhatsApp users to ask for their credit card details, for the sake of not terminating their WhatsApp account. In other cases, scammers are asking users their 6-digit pin to log in to their WhatsApp account elsewhere.

And to prove their credibility as official WhatsApp chat support teams, these scammers are showing users their profile pictures, wherein a verified badge is made aside from the WhatsApp logo.

This is absolutely fake! WhatsApp never asks users for their sensitive data like credit card details or the 6-digit PIN, and cannot terminate accounts without a strong reason. And to verify an account’s credibility, users should check for the verified badge right beside the contact name in their profile, and not in their profile picture.

Anyone posing as WhatsApp or other business and asking for sensitive details should be treated as fake and blocked. In such cases, users are advised to report the chat using tools within, which will send the last five messages of that chat to the WhatsApp moderation team, who will then suspend the account after reviewing.

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