Brave iOS App Gets a Privacy Hub to Learn About Web Trackers

Brave announced to replace the Chrome search engine in its browser, with its native Brave Search by default. This will be live to all new users signing up in five countries.

Brave Search was introduced in July and has gained popularity among privacy enthusiasts. Brave also said that users can switch to any search engine of their own choice if they didn’t like Brave Search.

Brave Search in Brave Browser

Brave Browser is Replacing the Default Google Search with Brave Search

In the world of tracking users’ online preferences for targeted ads, Brave Browser came out with a privacy solution that’s now attracting millions of users. The no-tracking and the ad-blocking browsers are gaining traction lately and are now making big moves.

Today, Brave announced replacing the default Google search engine in its Brave Browser with its own Brave Search, in five countries. Brave launched its native search engine in July this year and is now processing over 80 million queries per month.

Brave Search has its own indexing feature and invites users to help improve it. Anyone trying the Brave Search in Brave Browser can go Settings > Search and Enable “Web Discovery Project“. This will send anonymous data about searches and web page visits made in your Brave browser, which will be used to refine the Brave Search index for displaying better search results.

In its announcement, the browser makers said, “Brave desktop browser update (version 1.31), as well as the Brave Android app (version 1.31)* and the Brave iOS app (version 1.32) all automatically offer Brave Search as the default for new users,” in United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Also, Brave is replacing the Qwant in France and DuckDuckGo in Germany with its Brave Search.

Users can always revert back, or switch to any other available search engine if they didn’t like the default option. Also, it’s expected that Brave may soon become ad-supported. There are hints on the browser offering a premium version in the future, but no details on this yet.

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