Brave iOS App Gets a Privacy Hub to Learn About Web Trackers

Releasing a new version of it’s iOS app, Brave announced a new section called the Privacy Hub to make users learn about web tracking.

The company gave a summary of the trackers being used on the visitors’ website and explains to them what data is being collected and why. Aside from this, Brave also added Fingerprinting protection and Certificate Viewer support to it’s iOS app.

Highlighting The Blocked Web Trackers

In a world full of digital tracking and targeted ads, companies like Brave stood up against the traditional means to put users’ privacy and security over money. Positioned itself as a privacy-focused web browser, Brave just announced a Privacy Hub for it’s iOS app v1.38.

Users can visit the new section to learn about the trackers placed on their visited website and details on what data is being collected and for what purposes. Further, it links all the trackers to their respective companies and publishers using them to obtain your data.

Aside from this, Brave is protecting our digital fingerprints by adding “small amounts of randomization to fingerprintable APIs“- on all the websites we visit. This tricks the websites with antonyms IDs without breaking them.

Further, there’s a Certificate Viewer support to check a webpage certificate’s authenticity and more detailed information about it. This feature is currently available on the Brave desktop app and is now brought to the iOS client.

All these features should help users learn about how web tracking works and appreciate Brave’s approach to blocking them. The browser blocks all the trackers and scripts by default to avoid targeted ads like Chrome and Edge.

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