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Cashless payments are what many consider the future in the payments world. In fact, a lot of businesses are actively working on overcoming the hurdles for facilitating digital payments in different regions of the world. In general, it’s a mainly legal and technological infrastructure that prevents the seamless transition but we are gradually getting there. However, there are lots of those who would prefer cash as means of payment for certain products or services. A good example is a land-based casino where people are not too thrilled to have the option to pay with their credit cards. And yet, online casino players don’t have the same issue, so let’s see why that is so.

Problems With Brick and Mortar Casinos Offering Cashless Payment

Casinos and gambling tend to lure people into overspending which is why visitors prefer to use cash. In a way, they get to set the limits this way, and knowing there is no efficient way to buy extra chips prevents them from spending. In fact, the whole online shopping and on-demand culture are what’s causing people to spend more in general, so it’s not just casinos. Yet, casinos are just following the tech trends and potentially regulatory compliance, as funds are easier to monitor using digital transactions.

How are Online Casino Different

Online casinos are a stable and growing trend and have been around for two decades. Meaning players are not strangers to cashless payments for this type of entertainment. The difference is that online casinos require you to have an account that you need to fund. Therefore, you can set limits right from the get-go, and depending on the payment methods available it could take more time for those funds to become available. Truth be told, most of the payment methods process these payments fast, so it’s not like online casinos have put meaningful breaks on user spending.

That being said, there are bonuses and incentives for online players that give them a chance to play a lot with just a minor deposit. These incentives have evolved to the point where you can discover no deposit bonus casino sites, and play without funding the account. This helps platforms look fairer in the eyes of the users, as they are kind of giving them bonus funds to play with. Without these incentives land-based casinos come off as greedier which is off-putting.

You Can Use the Same Solution as With Online Casino

Since online casinos offer multiple payment methods, it’s quite common for users to have a specific card or e-wallet that is solely intended for online gambling. You can pretty much use the same approach in a land-based establishment. You can get a Skrill card for example, and load the funds there, then just leave your other card at home. This way you can’t exceed the limit you set by depositing a fixed amount to this card.


Casinos aren’t the only ones being criticized for these seeming cash grabby moves. Most online games with in-game stores often get accused of trying to seduce players to spend more. Since these are multi-million dollar businesses it’s a bit difficult to defend them, but the reality is that casinos do remind users to spend responsibly and that it takes really little mental effort just not to give someone more money.

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