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Tutorials for LG branded smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

How to Lock the Bootloader of the LG G6 and G6+

If you ever need to relock the bootloader of the LG G6 or G6+, you can follow these simple steps outlined in the tutorial down below.

LG G5: How to Disable the LED Light

If the LG G5 LED light has ever bothered you in the past, then let me show you exactly how you can turn off the LED light notification.

LG G5: How to Boot into Safe Mode

If you're having trouble with battery life, over heating or something that 3rd-party apps have caused, let me show you how to boot the LG G5 into Safe Mode.

LG G4: How to Install Xposed Framework

For anyone who likes to tinker with various aspects of the Android OS, let me show you how to install the Xposed Framework on the LG G4.

How to Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper on the LG G6 and G6+

You can easily change the LG G6 and G6+ Lock Screen Wallpaper by diving into the Settings application and changing the picture from there.

LG G4: How to Safely Reset Before Selling

Whether you don't like it, want to give it away, or just want to sell/return the LG G4, you'll want to follow these steps to protect your sensitive data.

LG G4: How to Disable OTA Updates

If you're looking to disable OTA updates on the LG G4 then you'll want to follow the step by step instructions detailed in this tutorial.

LG G4: How to Clean and Disinfect

When was the last time you washed or cleaned your LG G4? Today I wanted to talk about and show you a few ways to clean and disinfect your...

LG G5: Home Screen Grid Size

Apps on the home screen are laid out in a grid, and we can adjust the home screen grid size on the LG G5 thanks to a simple option...

LG G4 (H815): How to Install a Custom Recovery

As long as you have the H815 variant of the LG G4, then it is relatively easy to get TWRP running on it so let's take a look at...