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LG G5 Tips

Tips and tricks for the LG G5.

LG G5: Disable App Notifications

Some apps and games can spam you with notifications, so today I want to show you a quick and easy way to turn off app notifications on the LG G5.

LG G5: How to Change the Font

Today I want to show you how you can change the default font of the LG G5 to one of 6 different pre-installed options that are available.

LG G5: Double Tap to Wake & Sleep

Knock On and Knock Off on the LG G5 is also known as Double Tap to Wake and Sleep, and today I'm gonna show you how this works on...

LG G5: How to Disable the LED Light

If the LG G5 LED light has ever bothered you in the past, then let me show you exactly how you can turn off the LED light notification.

LG G5: Lock Screen Shortcuts

Android has had lock screen shortcuts on the lock screen for a while, but today I want to show you how to add, remove and customize these on the LG...

LG G5: Hide Apps on the Home Screen

By default, LG removed the app drawer on the LG G5 so today I want to show you how to hide applications that appear on the home screen.

LG G5: Home Screen Grid Size

Apps on the home screen are laid out in a grid, and we can adjust the home screen grid size on the LG G5 thanks to a simple option...

LG G5: How to Boot into Safe Mode

If you're having trouble with battery life, over heating or something that 3rd-party apps have caused, let me show you how to boot the LG G5 into Safe Mode.

LG G5: Change Lock Screen Wallpaper

With the LG G5, we have the option to pick a different wallpaper for the lock screen than we have on the home screen and here is how to...

LG G5: How to Disable Apps

Smartphones come with a lot of pre-installed apps that we'll never use, so today I want to show you how to disable applications on the LG G5.