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Tutorials for LG branded smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

LG G4: How to Clean and Disinfect

When was the last time you washed or cleaned your LG G4? Today I wanted to talk about and show you a few ways to clean and disinfect your...

LG G5: Hide Apps on the Home Screen

By default, LG removed the app drawer on the LG G5 so today I want to show you how to hide applications that appear on the home screen.

LG G5: How to Boot into Safe Mode

If you're having trouble with battery life, over heating or something that 3rd-party apps have caused, let me show you how to boot the LG G5 into Safe Mode.

LG G5: Lock Screen Swipe Effects

You have probably seen the default lock screen swipe effect on the LG G5, but today I want to show you that there are 4 different effects to choose...

LG G5: How to Boot into Download Mode

If you ever need to manually flash a firmware (TOT) file on the LG G5, then you'll first need to boot up into Download Mode and this is how...
LG G6 Split Screen View And Multi Window Mode

LG G5: Always On Display

Today I'm going to show you how to turn on, turn off and configure the LG G5 always on display to show what you want to see.

LG G5: How to Boot into Recovery Mode

LG has decided to change some things up this year, but you can follow the steps below to boot the LG G5 into Recovery Mode.

LG G5: Calibrate Motion Sensors

If you notice the LG G5 motion sensors are not accurate (maybe they're too sensitive or not sensitive enough), then let me show you how to calibrate them.

LG G5: How to Remove the DIRECTV Notification

If you bought the AT&T G5, then you probably saw the LG G5 DIRECTV notification and today I want to show you how to remove it for good.

LG G5: How to Factory Reset

If you need to sell your LG G5, or maybe you just want to wipe the data clean and start fresh, then let me show you how to perform...