image showing the fastboot command

Fixing the TWRP LineageOS OTA Update Modem Version Error

The other day I tried updating my OnePlus 5T to the latest version of LineageOS 16 but it resulted in an error. The built-in updater downloaded the latest LOS16...

How to Manually Install an OTA Update on the OnePlus 6

We can't do an ADB sideload on the OnePlus 6 but we can manually install a new OTA update by following these steps.

How to Install TWRP on the OnePlus 6 with Android 9.0 Pie

My previous tutorial about how to install TWRP on the OnePlus 6 is no longer working with the latest official version of TWRP and OxygenOS that is on Android...

How to Install the TWRP Custom Recovery on the OnePlus 6

We can do a lot more with a custom recovery so this tutorial will walk you through the entire process to show you how to install TWRP on the...

How to Unlock the Bootloader of the OnePlus 6

If you plan on installing a custom ROM, custom kernel, or even a custom recovery then you will need to follow this tutorial first to unlock the bootloader.

How to Change OnePlus 6 Icon Pack for the Home Screen

The OnePlus Launcher automatically supports custom Icon Packs from the Play Store and this tutorial shows you how to change them. There...
How To Fix Low Signal Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e

How to Stop OxygenOS from Sending Analytics Data to OnePlus

With a simple ADB command, we can stop OnePlus from collecting user analytics data from the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, etc. without root access.

How to Create a Nandroid Backup on the OnePlus 6 with TWRP

One you have TWRP installed it is highly recommended that you create your first Nandroid backup of your partitions on the OnePlus 6.

How to Root the OnePlus 6 with Magisk

There are a number of ways to root the OnePlus 6 and today I will be walking you through the step by step guide using Magisk.

How to Hide the OnePlus 6 Notch Display

The OnePlus 6 does come with a notch at the top of the display but OxygenOS has a feature that lets us hide it if you would rather not...