Play YouTube Videos in the Background with Xposed

If you have Xposed Framework installed then you can easily play YouTube videos in the background with this single Xposed Module. Multitasking...

How to Add a Data Traffic Monitor to the Status Bar

Being able to keep your eye on data traffic details can be incredibly useful. I've used a network monitor program on Windows for years but most companies don't include...

How to Add Lock Screen Shortcuts with Xposed Framework

By default, Android automatically has two shortcuts on the lock screen. One is for the camera while the other is for Google Assistant. However, with Xposed Framework installed we...

Download Xposed Framework for Your Android Smartphone or Tablet

Since I write an Xposed install tutorial for so many devices, I wanted to put together a unified download page that links to all of the latest versions.

How to Adjust Screen Brightness by Swiping the Status Bar

Being able to increase or decrease the brightness of our smartphone and tablet displays is something many of us do a lot. When we need to adjust the brightness...

How to Blur the Lock Screen Image with Xposed Framework

The lock screen image that we typically see is either the same wallpaper as we have on our home screen, or one that we specified to be used on...
How To Schedule Auto Restart Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e

How to Change the Number of Quick Settings Tiles Per Row

With Xposed Framework installed, we can customize a number of different things with Android. A popular request from the community is wanting to change the number of Quick Settings...

Instantly Show the Security Prompt on the Lock Screen

With a popular Xposed Module, we can bypass the requirement to swipe up on the lock screen before entering our PIN, Pattern or Password.

How to Customize the Lock Screen Shortcuts with Xposed Framework

For years, Google has placed two lock screen shortcuts at the bottom left and right of our devices. What these shortcuts actually do has changed throughout the years but...

Battery Shutdown Manager Counts Down Before Shutting Your Phone Off

If you're the type that uses their smartphone to the bitter end before charging it then you might like a countdown popup from Battery Shutdown Manager.