Statistical data from Apptopia revealed that ChatGPT is having a wonderful time in the AI chatbot space, in both popularity and earnings.

With over 23 million downloads on Apple’s App Store alone, ChatGPT has over 38 million monthly active users on mobile clients and earned over $2.3 million by October 2023 and it’s not just ChatGPT; other AI apps in the chatbot and photo editing spaces have been profitable, too.

The Reign of AI Chatbot Apps

After revolutionizing the AI chatbot market, ChatGPT now has a steady user base and earnings, as recorded by Apptopia(via TechCrunch). The analytics firm reports that ChatGPT had over 38.88 million monthly active users by September 2023, which grew exponentially from 1.34 million in May.

The app has also garnered 23 million downloads on the App Store by the end of September 2023, where consumer spending grew from $352,929 in May 2023 to $1.98 million by September and around $2.39 million by October 24.

Well, it’s not the only AI app that’s earning big. Other AI chatbot apps like “Chat & Ask AI” and “ChatOn – AI Chat Bot Assistant” have pulled around $3.38 million and $2.11 million, respectively, in September. Further, apps like “AI Chatbot – Nova” and “AI Chatbot: AI Chat Smith” earned $1.44 million and $1.72 million in September, respectively.

While these apps appear to be capitalizing on App Store SEO, with simple and searchable names, it also shows the great demand for AI apps in the market and it’s not just the AI chat apps, AI-based photo apps like FaceApp, Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor and others have grown in popularity, too.

For example, “Remini”, a photo editing app, has topped the iOS download charts with 16.17 million installs last month. Most of this craze is attributed to it’s AI headshots feature that blew up on TikTok and then there’s “PicsArt AI Photo Editor“, which garnered around 16.05 million installs in September 2023.

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