Google Chrome May Soon be Able to Translate Text Within Images

Chrome on Android got a few essential features right at the time of holiday. These are price drop alerts, your carts section, and product findings with Lens.

All these are aimed at easing the online shopping experience of users, who may browse through sales this season. These features are currently available only on Android, and to US users only, and may come to iOS and other regions soon.

Chrome Shopping Experience

While online shopping removed a lot of hassle from the traditional lookout, it can only be easier with proper tools. Thus, Google is bringing a set of shopping features to its Chrome browser this holiday season, to make online shopping through Chrome easier.

The first one among them is the Price Drop Alert. Chrome will now keep track of your desired products, to check and alert you when there’s a drop in their actual price. Well, for this to happen, you should be leaving your product pages open in Chrome tabs, so that Chrome can track their prices.

Chrome price drop alerts
Chrome price drop alerts

And when there’s a price drop, you will be seeing a small tag without discounted price mentioned at the top right side of the product page tab. This helps in removing the hassle of checking all websites for specific products every time. Besides this, there’s a Your Carts section where you can check all your product carts from various sections in one place.

This eliminates the need for visiting various shopping sites for checking the loaded carts. And, there’s the ability to find product details and shop through Google Lens, which is integrated into the Chrome’s search bar. Even when you’re window shopping outside, capture any desired product through Lens and check for its details.

All these are available in the latest version of Chrome browser, but on Android and only for US users only. This may soon come to iOS and other regions soon.

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