Google Chrome May Soon be Able to Translate Text Within Images

After testing it with a handful of users, Google is now rolling out the Assistant-powered feature for password changing in Chrome to more users.

This feature will let users automatically change passwords that are detected by Chrome as breached in past, and save them to the inbuilt password manager. This is currently rolling to Chrome Android clients, while others have to wait for a while.

An Assistant Powered Password Changer

Google’s Chrome isn’t just a browser anymore but a suite full of safety and productivity features. We’ve got inbuilt games, password manager, password breach checker, etc. Now, we’re getting something that’s even more helpful – a Google assistant-based password changing feature.

Google announced this feature back in the I/O conference last year and even tested it with a handful of users in November last year. Now, it’s rolling this to more users who’re using Chrome on Android devices.

Users will soon see a pop-up notifying them about a breached password, that’s entered into a specific website. Detecting that, the Google Assistant built into Chrome will ask the user if he wanted to change it automatically. And if he accepts it, it will further show a warning as;

“Google will receive the URLs and contents of sites on which you use Assistant, as well as information you submit through Assistant. This information may be stored in your Google account. You can turn off Assistant in Chrome settings.”

Once you accept this, the assistant will create a new strong password that replaces the existing breached one. The process of this password regeneration will have a timeline too, which you can cancel anytime in-between to manually set if anything didn’t seem right.

At last, if you’re okay with the newly generated password, you can save it to Chrome’s password manager. This feature is rolling out to the Chrome client on Android, and may soon come to others.

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