close background applications Google Pixel

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How to close background applications Google Pixel.

To stop running Apps:

From a Home screen, touch and swipe up to display all apps.

Navigate: Settings app icon > System System settings icon > Advanced Down arrow icon > Developer options Developer options icon.

If Developer options isn’t available, navigate: Apps > Settings > System > About phone then tap Build number 7 times. Tap the Back icon then navigate: Advanced Down arrow icon > Developer options .

Tap Running services.

Tap the appropriate app(s).

Tap Stop.

Some services or apps may have multiple processes that can be stopped.

If prompted with the “Stop system service?” prompt, tap OK to confirm.


To Close background apps:

From the home screen, tap the Recent Apps key.

Recently accessed applications are displayed.

To remove an app from the list, swipe it to either side or tap the Close icon.

To clear all applications, tap CLEAR ALL.

The application(s) are now closed.


Turn on the Pixel or Pixel XL

Select the Recent applications button from the home screen

Select the Active applications symbol

Select End alongside the required application. Then again, select End all

On the off chance that provoked, Select OK


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