Guest Post Collaboration:

Are you passionate about Android, Apple, Windows, Mac, and technology? Do you follow leading tech blogs trying to keep up with major technological developments? Do you love writing and like to join the KrispiTech team? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then go ahead and apply to be a guest post author on our site. We are looking for guest post writers to collaborate with for KrispiTech.

The world that revolves around our site is in continuous growth and expansion, for this reason, we are always looking for guest post authors and publishers who are willing to become members of our team.

Joining the KrispiTech team is easy, just send your application using the email at the end of the page. The requisites are mainly two: 1. Love for technology 2. Proper writing and fluent English.

Here is what we require:

  • Must have deep knowledge of gadgets and technology. If you call Galaxy Tab 4 an iPad or Apple means only fruit to you, please don’t apply
  • Previous writing experience, be it in a magazine, newspaper, blog or any other site dealing with gadgets or technology
  • Ability to churn out interesting and intelligent articles about breaking or latest tech developments in minutes
  • Ability to learn about new gadgets and new technology trends quickly
  • Objectivity: Guest Post is not for people who think that anything running Android is perfect. Fanboys & girls should keep off
  • Guest Post requires you to be working alone most of the time, probably from your home or wherever you feel comfortable. So the ability to manage your time and delivering X hours of posting per day is crucial
  • You must have a computer. A computer for the purpose of this job is any device with at least a 10-inch screen, a physical QWERTY keyboard, and at least one full-size USB port


  1. Articles to be submitted must be original and be of high quality.
  2. In the case that an article was approved and published but was later discovered to be plagiarized. It would be removed immediately, and the writer will not get paid for it.
  3. Ensure grammatical flaws are reduced to the barest minimum; an article submitted for approval but with too much grammatical errors would be left unattended to or even trashed.
  4. Must be able to make a compelling description of the article in Yoast SEO.
  5. You must be able to choose the best keyword and tags that suite your article.
  6. You must have a minimum of at least 2 high-quality images (minimum of 600 x 400px) in your article, if the image does not belong to you, it must be credited appropriately.
  7. The best category must be selected for each article.
  8. Articles containing affiliate links would be rejected. Link selling, link stuffing is prohibited.
  9. Any link linking to your site and deemed not useful would be removed. Do not spam your article with too many external links.
  10. Once your article is approved and published here, it automatically becomes the property of KrispiTech and may not appear anywhere else.
  11. The article must be a minimum of 500 words, except for news article that has a minimum of 300 words.

If you think you have all the required requirements, you have the desire to test yourself and you like the idea of being part of the KrispiTech team contact us via

Sponsorship Collaboration:

KrispiTech is a fairly popular blog in the technology niche with most of our traffic coming from organic Google SERP. Also, since ours is a high DA blog, it naturally becomes an excellent platform for companies and businesses to have a sponsored post published on KrispiTech.

We have partnered with a lot of small, medium and large businesses and have reviewed their products and services on our blog. The reviews are always unbiased because we want to provide accurate and relevant information to the readers of KrispiTech.

You can check out our sponsored reviews in the Reviews section of the blog.

Why should you buy a sponsored post on KrispiTech technology blog?

Get eyes on your product/services from a highly targeted audience in the technology niche. Your business gets targeted organic traffic!

High Domain Authority – Means you are publishing your review on an authoritative blog.
Drive more traffic to your business thereby increasing sales and conversions.

Affordable pricing that ensures maximum ROI.
If you would like to have us review your product/services, do get in touch via provides advertising platform where you can easily showcase your products, offline/online service, start-up, seminar and others to our loyal readers and get good value for your money.

KrispiTech is a leading technology site with passionate readers. Advertise on today and get your products and services viewed by tens of thousands of readers. You will receive so much for just a little price when you advertise with us.

What We Have:

Dedicated Audiences
We’re proud of over 30,000+ page views monthly. With our achievement as a leading science and technology website in the USA & the world by extension that disseminate useful information to its audiences in no time, we are the appropriate atmosphere to reach targeted and non targeted users.

GA PerformanceAnalytics Stat.

√Quality Content
Our quality content across technology, science, business, education, tutorials, computers, phones, tablets, accessories, Sites/movie reviews, web trends and social media makes us stand out from our competitors.

√Talented and efficacious Writers
We are also privileged to have a great team of talented writers who are passionately building their voices and creativity in the world of science and technology.

You can use Banner/Text ads & Sponsored post to advertise on our site.

In everything we do commercially on KrispiTech, our editorial independence is central.

√Sponsored Posts
A sponsored post, also known as a promoted post can be any of the following:

Press Release
Video content

We can publish your Sponsored posts, which can include press releases, advertorials, videos, articles, interviews or any other kind of article related to what we write on this site.

√Product Review
Range of products we allow for REVIEWS include Movies and TV series, music and videos, tablets, smartphones, mobile accessories, PC & PC peripherals, Smartwatches, Drones, speakers, gaming Consoles, TVs, VRs and other electronic gadgets.

Promoting your business, products or event via sponsored post is far better than a banner advertisement. You can google the advantages of content marketing.

We offer three types of sponsored post, and the price mainly depends on the followings:

Article written and submitted by you will attract a FIXED amount of $400
Article written by us will attract a FIXED amount of $500
We accept payments via Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer or Direct Bank Deposits/Mobile Transfer. We will proceed with the deal once we get the funds into any of our accounts.

Kindly contact our Advertising Department||