Copy and Paste Google Pixel And Pixel XL

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How to Copy and Paste Google Pixel And Pixel XL.

Instructions to Copy and Paste on Pixel And Pixel XL


Not all text fields support cut/copy.

Touch and hold the text field then tap one of the following:

To highlight text, slide blue brackets left/right/up/down.

To select all, tap the Menu icon Menu then tap Select All.

Touch and hold the target text field then tap Paste.


The most ideal approach to cut or paste on Pixel and Pixel XL is to choose the content that you need to cut or paste and long press on that content. After you long press the content, you’ll see a menu bar at the highest point of the screen, with choices saying select all, duplicate/copy, and paste. After you have chosen or highlighted the content, drag the tabs to the wanted length, then continue to the menu on the top. In case you’re utilizing these devices while on the Internet, you have the choice of offering the content to the Android share button, or even do a brisk Google Search with the inquiry amplifying glass. Simply drag the tabs through the sought content that you need to duplicate, and you’re finished. After you have done that, you can in a flash duplicate it, then paste later with the same long press. When you’re in a void content field, simply long press to open an appear saying “paste” and select paste.


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