Digital Point Exposed Database
Digital Point Exposed Database

Claiming as the world’s largest forum for webmasters, Digital Point has exposed its database online until July this year. This was discovered by a security researcher and WebsitePlanet team and reported to be protected. Yet, the exposure of database online without setting any password has left more than 863,000 people vulnerable to potential cyberattacks.

Digital Point Left its Database Online Without any Password!

While LinkedIn has become a standard networking place for professionals now, as Myspace like dead platform called Digital Point used to be a famous platform for connecting to various webmaster earlier. Though Digital Point claims to be for everyone, only professionals dealing with website related products like SEO or blogging used to be conversing in it much.

While it’s in the pursuit of defunct, a fresh report by WebsitePlanet team and Jeremiah Fowler, a security researcher claims the Digital Point’s database was exposed online. This was until July 1st, where they had discovered the unprotected database through an ElasticSearch, an reported to Digital Point team the same day. The database consisted of 62,858,144 records belonging to 863,000 users.

Though they were serious enough to secure access to the database immediately, researchers say it could have put all of its users at the risk of cyberattacks. They referred to potential website hijacking tricks where fraudsters obtain the offical details of the original owner to switch registrations and sell domains.

Else, they could fall for Meow attack, which is an automated script bot that wiped out thousands of open MongoDB and ElasticSearch databases in July this year. Researchers say that had also seen the type of data Digital Point captures from its users. As in one instance, they have found the reasons that users mentioned for reporting businesses that need to be enclosed.

Though the database was secured now and no signs recorded for any breach yet, users may feel safe for now. But it’s still suggested to change credentials as a best practice to avoid any potential cyberattacks.

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