Disable S Voice & Clear Galaxy S7 App Cache And Data

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Factory Reset The Samsung Galaxy S7, Disable S Voice & Clear Galaxy S7 App Cache And Data.


Factory Reset The Samsung Galaxy S7, Disable S Voice & Clear Galaxy S7 App Cache And Data

Factory Reset The Samsung Galaxy S7, Disable S Voice & Clear Galaxy S7 App Cache And Data

Factory Reset The Samsung Galaxy S7

Table Of Content:

  1. How To Clear Cache and App Data on The Samsung Galaxy S7.
  2. How To Turn Off/Disable S Voice on The Samsung Galaxy S7.
  3. How To Factory Reset The Samsung Galaxy S7.


Smartphones all over the world develop problems from time to time, the Samsung galaxy series is no exception to this rule. The trick here is how you tackle the problems when they eventually show up. Most people run to technicians and pay outrageous amount of cash at the slightest opportunity they get even if the problem their phone is exhibiting isn’t all that complex. Shortly, we will show you how to solve issues that your Galaxy phone may develop by yourself and save some extra cash.
The procedures listed below are very useful in solving random problems that may occur in your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones:


1. Clearing App Cache And Data

Cache is of two different types on Galaxy S7 and S7 EDGE platform. The first is the app cache and the second is the system cache. This means that every app on your galaxy smartphone has its cache installed on the app. The app cache ensures that there is a temporary storage of data when you navigate between apps. On the other hand, the system cache does exactly the same thing but this time around only for the system software (Andriod). It is only logical to clear app cache and data if apps begin to crash and freeze on their own. Here is how to go about it:

In a case where it’s a particular app exhibiting this problem, then all you need to do is to clear the app cache as follows;

I. Navigate to settings

II. Tap on the app manager option

III. Locate the app that you want to clear its cache and tap the app

IV. Find the app info screen and select clear cache

V. In case where you want to clear the cache for all app, navigate to settings

VI Locate the storage option, select cache data to clear cache for all apps simultaneously

In order not to lose important data and information, do not clear data unless you are ready to lose information like passwords, settings, preferences, game progress and so on.

2. Turning Off S Voice

The Samsung S Voice is a self-service which was designed to serve as a personal assistant in terms of weather update, starting a search and making calls. You can activate the S Voice by double tapping the home button.

However, not many people want this feature on their device because most of the services it renders can be easily done on google. If you fall into this category of people, here is how to disable the S Voice service.

I. Activate the S voice by double tapping the home button

II. Look for the three dot menu in the top right corner and select it

III. Select settings to be able to view all your S voice options

IV. In the wake-up section, uncheck the open via home key option


The above steps will temporarily remove the S Voice from your home button and it can be faster. In a case where you want to permanently remove it, you carry out the following

> Navigate to settings

> Go to the App manager and tap it

> Swipe to the left twice to view all options

> Continue scrolling until you find the S voice

> Select S voice and turn off

In some cases, the above procedure may alter the correct functioning of some other app, so you can easily follow the step again and turn the service back on.


3. How To Factory Reset Galaxy S7

Factory reset helps to return your phone back it’s original state like it was when you just got it. This method helps to solve most problems, in a case where it can’t, you need to visit a support centre. You will need to backup your files first before carrying out a factory reset otherwise you will lose all data on the phone.

I. Navigate to setting on your phone

II. Tap on backup and restore and select Factory Reset

III. Tap Reset Device and then Erase everything

IV Tap ok for warnings and wait for the process to complete

V. Reboot your phone and you are done.

The above laid down procedures are quick fixes that you can carry out by yourself before you report to a service center or a technician. We hope they go a long way to help you get your phone back in order.


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