Discord will introduce a significant update to it’s renowned gaming and messaging platform, which has long been a secure space for party communications and sharing external file download links. However, this familiar landscape is on the verge of transformation, as Discord is currently developing an update that will introduce disappearing download links.

In a recent announcement to Bleeping Computers, Discord shared plans to implement disappearing download links on it’s messaging platform. Consequently, all download links hosted on the platform’s server will automatically vanish after 24 hours. Users accustomed to relying on the platform for permanent storage of download links will need to seek alternatives following the update, as their download links will only be there for a maximum of the 24-hour mark. Notably, there will be no noticeable impact for those who share links within the Discord client, as the links will be automatically refreshed every 24 hours.

The company clarified in it’s statement that the primary motivation behind this update is to mitigate the spread of malware through it’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). Discord has experienced numerous attackers and hackers disseminating malware links on the platform, prompting the company to seek solutions to curb this malicious activity actively. The impending update aims to provide users with a safer and more private environment. Anticipated to roll out at the commencement of the upcoming year, users who frequently utilize Discord will have a brief window to identify alternative methods for storing their download links.

The company statement reads, “Discord developers may see minimal impact and we’re working closely with the community on the transition. These changes will roll out later this year and we’ll share more info with developers in the coming weeks. To access the attachment CDN link after the link expires, your app will need to fetch a new CDN URL. The API will automatically return valid, non-expired URLs when you access resources that contain an attachment CDN URL, like when retrieving a message.“

Additionally, Discord revealed that all CDN links will now be accompanied by a timestamp denoting their expiration date. Consequently, CDN links will remain valid only until the specified expiration date. Although these changes have been gradually implemented, the comprehensive rollout will commence in the coming year.

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