DoppelPaymer Ransomware Hits Compal Network, Demands $17 Million

The world’s second-largest laptop manufacturer, Compal has been hit by a ransomware group named DoppelPaymer, who are now demanding about 1,100 Bitcoins (nearly $17 million) for a decryptor. While many have reported that a ransomware incident on the company, one of its executive has initially denied such claims and cited it as an abnormality in its office systems.

Compal Hit by a Ransomware Attack

Compal is a Taiwanese contract manufacturer making laptops for some of the world’s biggest brands like Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Apple, Acer, Fujitsu and HP. Further, it also manufactures smart TVs, tablets, monitors, smartwatches and some computer peripherals. The company was hit by a ransomware attack on Sunday morning, that caused a downtime of some of its systems.

Local media have since reported about a ransomware attack, but soon the Deputy Manager Director of Compal, Qingxiong Lu, has explained to United News Network the media claims as false. He affirmed that the downtime in their systems as just an abnormality, and were working to restore. Employees of Compal who visited the company on Monday morning were asked to backup important files if their systems were not affected.

As per BleepingComputer who has seen the ransom note, DoppelPaymer is the ransomware attacker behind it. DoppelPaymer is just like any other ransomware gang, steals the sensitive data from the compromised systems and encrypts them soon. This is called the double-extortion method, where it has more grip over the victim.

DoppelPaymer Ransom note snippet
DoppelPaymer Ransom note snippet

It’s reported that DoppelPaymer is demanding about 1,100 Bitcoins from the Compal, which translates to $16,725,500.00 at today’s prices for the decryptor. It’s unknown how many systems were encrypted and what data has been stolen.

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