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One of the best parts of Google Drive is that you can share, download and collaborate on files with various people. Google drive basically acts as a storage space for every folder and backup file. However, if the server has high traffic or you wish to upload bigger files, there is a probability that you are running into usage limits. These usage limits may result in an error that says “Download quota exceeded”. Here, we will converse a few fixes that may help you avoid this error.

Causes of “Download quota exceeded” error

Following are the limits of your Google Drive account:

  • 750 GB of daily upload limits between the share drive and My drives
  • Individual file uploads cannot be more than 5TB
  • No updates are allowed further once you hit the limit of 750GB

This error might occur if the folder or file is huge and surpasses the 750GB download limit. There consists of no listed download limits. Suppose you have shared a big file with many users who are downloading it within a short period. Then there is a probability that google drive can lock the file from any further downloads for the next 24 hours to prevent abuse. You are completely aware of how many people have already downloaded the same file when you attempt to download it.

How to fix the “Download Quota exceeded” error:

Bypass the download limit of Google drive

Without triggering the era of “Download quota exceeded”, you will still be able to download the file. It just needs some additional steps for changing the Google Drive account that you wish to download it from to an account of your own. To do this, first, you need to save a copy to the Google Drive account. You must be signed in already to your Google Drive account. Then you have to select the link to shared Google Drive Filer that you wish to download. When you have logged into the Google account already, a copy of your file will be opened inside your account. You will view a status that shows that a copy has already been added to your account.

Now, in the google drive folder preferred by you, save a copy of your file by selecting File and then Make a copy. Next, browse to select the folder where the copy has to be saved. Choose the Select button and select the OK button to finish. Thus, the file is moved from the original shared account to the Google Drive account you selected. Technically, this is not a file download because your Google Drive account also is on the server of Google. Now, your account has a copy of this original file, and no one is downloading it. You can now move ahead and download the file on your local computer without having any download quota limitations.

For public files: Change the file URL of Google Drive

Find your file and navigate to the URL address of the file at the address. Then select drives/folders and then delete. The field has to be replaced by “file/d“. You will view a screen saying, “No preview available”. From the menu on the right-hand side click “Add star“. Navigate to the homepage of Google Drive, and create a new folder. On the Starred section, select Add shortcut to drive. After you click on download, the file will be downloaded as a zip file.

Fix the “Download Quota exceeded” error when you are the owner

When you are the one who is hosting the shared file with various people on your account on Google drive, the fix is going to be a bit different for this error. You can turn your original file whose download is blocked to another file. You will be able to receive downloads working again.

For doing this, on the original file right-click and select the option “Make a copy”. In front of your original filename, you will be able to view a new file saying “A copy of”. The file will then be shared with the same persons with whom the original file was blocked. But, because many people were trying to download the previous file, limiting the number of people who can download the file can be worthwhile.

For performing this:-

Select Share after you have right-clicked the file

Now, if you have given access to the file to anyone else on the internet along with the link, it might be important that you change this to Restricted instead.

Select Change in the section Get link.

To change the settings to Restricted, you have to use the dropdown. This will mean that only the ones with whom you have shared the file can download or open it.

Right-click on the file and choose Share. Then, you can add all the groups or emails that you wish to offer access to.

Wrapping up

So, that was all regarding the steps to fix the error “Download Quota exceeded for this file” in Google drive. You can use the above steps to bypass the issue for any kind of file. We hope that this article was helpful enough to resolve the issues so that you can download your files.

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