Every website and online networking platform requires users to create a profile and sign up. In this digital age, where we are signing up on various websites and making new passwords, it is often more difficult to remember and create different passwords for every other account you’re creating. However, managing all these passwords and saving them on Google is not enough. You need a reliable password manager like DualSafe to manage your password faster and easier. With DualSafe, whenever you try to log in to any registered platforms, the saved information will be auto-filled immediately. In this article, we will discuss smart password managing and give a full review of DualSafe Password Manager.

What is DualSafe Password Manager?

iTop officially has released it’s brand new advanced password management tool- DualSafe Password Manager- offering the ultimate protection of online account information and fast logins. Now you no longer have to recall every password or write them down in your notepad. DualSafe Password Manager will save all the passwords for you, and when you need to log in, it will auto-fill unlimited passwords for free. From now on, you just have to remember one master password for all your passwords. Not only managing passwords, you can also save your secure notes, payments info, and personal info to DualSafe Password Manager.

DualSafe is easy to use and a safe password management tool with a user-friendly interface. It’s one of the top reliable and trustworthy password management tools to improve your work and life efficiency to a large extent. The DualSafe Password Manager uses the industry’s latest and strongest encryption standard, AES-256. In addition, it also has built-in security tools that provide password management at a high-security level. The software also helps you generate unique, strong passwords and lets you know if there are any weak or reused passwords. With DualSafe Password Manager, you can easily monitor the dark web for if an email has been compromise and sync across different platforms. So far, DualSafe Password Manager 1.0 is compatible with almost every Windows OS, including Windows 11 and Windows 10, 8/8.1, and 7 systems.

What are the key features of DualSafe Password Manager? 

The DualSafe Password Manager 1.0 offers many cool features and tools that can help you to make and manage unlimited passwords for free and keep your online accounts safe and secure. Let’s take a look at some of its new features.

Things you can do in DualSafe Password Manager:

  • Save unlimited passwords and account details for free.
  • Add, modify or delete your saved passwords or account details.
  • Save all your data by encrypting locally with AES-256 and transmitting your data via HTTPS encryption.
  • Sync your data seamlessly between your devices or between any web browser and get access from anywhere.
  • Generate strong, random, and unique passwords with different combinations each time.
  • Check your password whether they are weak and reused or not.
  • Get notified about any data breaches and monitor any sensitive data.
  • Import or export data from your browsers.
  • Create and save one-time passwords for the websites with two-step verification.
  • Easy access to your saved data.

Benefits of using DualSafe Password Manager:

  1. Save unlimited passwords for free:

When you log in to a different website, it’s hard to remember all the passwords you have created so far. With DualSafe Password Manager, you don’t have to worry about remembering every password. Just remember one master password, and you’re good to go. DualSafe will remember and save all your account logins and unlimited password securely for free. So whenever you are trying to access your online accounts like online banking, shopping, work, social, and gaming accounts, DualSafe will automatically fill your password to avoid login failures and reset password procedures.

  1. Generate unique, strong passwords:

Often it’s not easy to come up with a different password each time you’re signing up for a different website. You must ensure that your passwords are strong so there are fewer risks of getting hacked. Moreover, strong passwords are hard to come up with and difficult to remember. That’s why DualSafe helps to generate random unique, complex passwords and even Time-based One-Time Passwords, faster and easier. DualSafe has a built-in Password Generator that can easily create a customized password with lengths and combinations whenever you create new accounts or change passwords. So no more data breaches, plus all your information will remain safe.

3. Check weak passwords and password reuse:

Have you ever faced the issue of weak passwords or reused passwords? Most websites today have built-in password checkers that tell you whether the password you’re giving is weak or strong. A weak password is not advisable. That’s why DualSafe has a built-in password health checker that can scan and notify weak, vulnerable, and compromised passwords across platforms. It can check each password’s strength and the security status of associated websites. Furthermore, it will also give you some tips on how you can make your account more secure and how to create a strong password. So, you can easily keep your account safe from data breaches.

4. Monitor the dark web for email compromise:

Data breaches and data hacks are not uncommon issues these days. Whenever you’re creating an online account, your account must remain safe. Not all websites are reliable, and chances are you can get hacked if you use a weak password while signing up. DualSafe will monitor data breaches and protect your account for you. DualSafe has a built-in Dark Web Monitor that checks all your sensitive data leaks and notifies users once their personal information, for example, email addresses or bank accounts are found on the dark web. You can get the notification via email. So you can lay back and have full control of your digital life.

5. Sync data between any chromium browsers:

DualSafe automatically syncs passwords across different web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Brave. Your account data always stays up to date no matter where you are. Not only that, you can easily sync your data seamlessly between any device.

About iTop

Founded in 2016, iTop provides applications on Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices with the vision of making reliable software to achieve better digital life. Trusted by more than 20 million users across 120+ countries, iTop keeps gaining popularity worldwide with its trustworthy technology and user-centered concept. iTop branded products such as iTop VPN, iTop Screen Recorder, iTop Data Recovery, and other useful Windows utilities managed to improve users’ digital life with affordable prices, good performances, and ease of use.

Ending words:

It’s hard to look for a reliable and trustworthy password management tool nowadays that offers excellent security and many different features in one place. DualSafe Password Manager is not only a password generated, but it also helps to manage and securely keep all your digital data private and ensure there are no data breaches. DualSafe supports 32 different languages. It’s the one-stop solution for all your digital data management.

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