Apple Employees Should Now Appear in Office At Least Once a Week

Failed to comply with the local rules, Netherlands consumer watchdog has fined Apple €5 million this week, and continues to do the same until Apple complies with it, says the authority.

Apple was earlier asked to let local dating apps set in their desired (third-party) payment options since Apple dictating every developer to go through its default gateway seemed unreasonable. While Apple complied, it’s said to have made unsatisfactory changes, so this attracted fine.

Penalizing Apple For Violations

Dutch Consumer Watchdog Fined Apple For Order Violation

Apple is already under scrutiny in various countries for monopolistic Appstore policies. Developers around the world are accusing and suing Apple for unreasonable Appstore charges, and also rules for making it the only option for payments through it.

This led market regulators to review the Appstore policies, and order Apple to change them for good. South Korea, for instance, has successfully made Apple to let developers use their own third-party payment options in the apps. Now, many other countries too are ordering the same.

The Netherlands, in this case, has also ordered Apple to let its local dating apps use third-party payment options within a specified period. While Apple complied by making changes to the Netherlands Appstore policies, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) said they’re unsatisfactory!

Saying so, the regulator has fined Apple a sum of €5 million this week for not complying properly. Further, it says to continue the fine every week until Apple makes reasonable changes as asked. This could be gone upto €50 million, where the regulator may vex up and ban the company’s services altogether finally.

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