Edge Browser to Get Free HTML5 Games Soon

Microsoft in it’s pursuit of drawing more people towards it’s Edge browser is now introducing Games into it! This is seen in the latest build of the Edge Canary variant.

Interested users should enable this section, as it remains disabled by default. Once done, you shall see a drop-down menu of several HTML5 games in various categories, playing instantly without any downloading.

HTML5 Games in Edge Browser

Though we see the Chromium-based Edge browser as a fair alternative to Google’s Chrome, Microsoft is trying hard to push this belief into desktop browser users’ minds. For that, the maker is doing everything it can, including intrusive means of nagging them continuously.

We’ve seen many ways Microsoft is pushing the neutral desktop browser users to use Edge as default in Windows 11. While this is intriguing, Microsoft is regularly inducing new features into Edge, making it a worthy switch for users. And the latest one among them is the introduction of Games!

Yes, as seen by Leopeva64 in the latest version of Edge Canary, a Games section is added into the Edge browser. As this is disabled by default, interested users should enable this by going to Settings > Appearance > Games button. Once toggled on, a new Games section will appear in the omnibar, which is right next to Edge address bar on the home page.

Games in Edge

Opening the Games section, you’ll see a number of HTML5 games divided as per their category, like Arcade, Microsoft classics, Board & Card, Puzzle, Sports, Casual, Match 3, etc. Since these are basic games, they don’t need to be downloaded, but may require an active internet connection for some.

If you’re interested in trying them out, download the latest Edge Canary version to check. While this is in the testing phase now, Microsoft may soon bring them to the stable Edge browser soon.

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