Elon Musk Threatens Dumping Twitter Deal Over Spam Accounts Issue

Modern taxation is one of the most interesting and gruesome concepts today. While there are loopholes to exploit and escape paying much, the government gets you to pay something in one way or the other.

And for Elon Musk, it’s about $11 billion this year! This figure was stated by him on Twitter, clearing his followers’ assumptions on how much tax he’d pay. This revelation triggered more questions and memes, with hundreds of thousands of people taking part in them.

An Unimaginable Tax Figure

Elon Musk today revealed that he’d to pay a hefty tax amount of $11 billion to the government, this year. This revelation comes with a prefix of “For those wondering,” as many people may be asking him the question on this.

Well, clearing all their minds, Musk stated this figure that’s astonishing. His revelation quickly triggered more questions, calculations, and memes by his followers. While some are finding how much each person on the Earth would get it it’s shared to all, others are making polls on who can make better use of that tax amount.

One such poll revealed nearly 84% of over 112,000 members stating as Musk, versus the federal government. Some made memes on how Elon was able to reach such status, and how he can actually spend it.

Though many clever companies are able to evade tax-paying in several cases, not all individuals are vested with such tactics. Even if they apply, the government finds one way or the other to get its share finally. And Elon Musk redeeming millions of dollars worth of shares this year will definitely attract some tax. Though Musk didn’t mention any source for verifying the $11 billion tax amount, it’s still a statement he doesn’t want to bluff.

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