LockBit Adds DDoS Attacks to its Extortion Strategy

A report on the number of organizations hit with ransomware in 2021 says that over 2,300 institutions from government to healthcare and schools from the US were impacted.

And this cost the organizations about $621 million in combined losses, as estimated by Emsisoft. The security company has also detailed the number of organizations hit in a different sector and compared them with the previous year to give a glance on rising attacks.

Ransomware Attacks Against US Orgs

Emsisoft: Over 1,000 US Schools Hit With Ransomware in 2021

One of the prominent types of threat actors in cybercrime are ransomware groups, who infiltrate a system by either exploiting any bugs or just luring a target into installing their malware. And once in, they steal the sensitive data within, encrypt the systems, and leave a ransom note asking for a lump sum.

This has been going on for decades, and we see no big improvement in the infrastructure conditions of companies growing against them. In the US last year, there were more than 2,300 incidents of ransomware attacks reported. Out of which, about 118 incidents have resulted in leaking the sensitive data of people.

In detail, there were about 77 government offices, 1,043 schools, and 1,203 healthcare providers hit in 2021. The number of government offices impacted last year was reduced when compared to the 2020’s 119 attacks, but the healthcare institutions have seen a sharp spike in the same, having 1,203 hits in 2021 vs 560 hits in 2019.

Talking about the losses accrued from all these incidents, Emsisoft said these could amount to $623.7 million in total from all the 77 noted incidents in 2021. This figure is estimated based on Winnebago County, Illinois CIO Gus Genter’s report, who in 2019 said that an average ransomware incident costs $8.1 million and requires 287 days to recover.

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