How To Enter Incognito Mode LG G5

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The LG G5 is an Android smartphone developed by LG Electronics as part of the LG G series. It was announced during Mobile World Congress as the successor to the 2015 LG G4. The G5 is distinguished from its predecessors by its aluminum chassis and a focus on modularity; the lower housing which contains the battery can be slid from the bottom of the device, and replaced by alternative add-on modules that provide additional functions, such as a camera grip or a high-fidelity audio module with DAC. A lower-spec variation, dubbed the LG G5 SE, is sold in selected markets.

The G5 is constructed with an aluminum unibody chassis; a “micro-dizing” process utilizing a plastic primer was used to conceal seams required for the antenna. A rounded rectangular protrusion houses the camera components, and the bottom houses a USB-C connector. Unlike previous G models, the G5’s volume buttons were re-located from the back of the device to its side bezel, but the circular power button—which now also contains a fingerprint reader—remains on the rear.

The LG G5 is bundled with Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”. Citing confusion between removing shortcuts to apps and uninstalling them entirely, the G5’s home screen does not feature an “app drawer”, and instead places all apps on pages of the main home screen similarly to iOS. However, there is a setting to enable the app drawer on the home screen.

In November 2016, LG released an upgrade to Android 7.0 “Nougat”.


How To Enter Incognito Mode LG G5


How To Enter Incognito Mode LG G5

Using an incognito mode is very helpful. If you are using LG G5 then you can switch your Google chrome to incognito mode. The pages you open in the incognito mode will not be saved in the browser history, cookies store or search history after you close all the incognito tabs. This feature is very helpful for maintaining privacy and secrecy of any document on which you work. How to set your chrome to incognito mode on your LG G5 smart phone?

Switch on the LG G5.

Go to Google Chrome browser.

In the upper right hand corner, select the 3-dot icon.

Select on New incognito tab and a new black screen pop-up not remember anything

This is the simplest method to open a incognito window. Try doing it right now!



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