Google conducted it’s Google I/O 2021 virtually due to the ongoing pandemic situation globally. Just like every year, the search giant shows some of its upcoming projects and this time is no different. At Google I/O 2021 the company announced new updates to the existing projects and some upcoming projects. The recently conducted virtual event is only about the software and services so no new hardware device was announced at the event.

Here are all the announcements that the search engine made at Google I/O 2021.

Android 12:

Android 12
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It is perhaps the most awaited announcement that everyone is waiting for. Android 12 comes with a new look and some new features that will make the user experience quite intuitive. Google introduced a new look for the Android 12 calling it a “Material You”. The OS focuses on users, customization, and privacy. With Android 12 Google made the biggest visual overhaul in years. The OS is currently in Beta and will be officially available in August starting first with the Pixel devices.

Improvements to Google Workspace:

The search giant is also making improvements in its workspace by adding new features. The workspace is very useful for productivity and gained an enormous user base during the time of the global pandemic last year.

Google Workspace
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The search engine is adding a new feature called Smart Canvas in its workspace. It will help users to bring in a shared document during a video call from the drive or other cloud storage. It is still in development and will improve much over time.

Android as a platform reached 3 billion Users:

This is a major milestone as Android reached three billion users worldwide. It also became the most used mobile OS and accounts for 80% of smartphone users worldwide. This also means that at present 3 billion smartphones globally are running android OS.


Google LaMDA
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At the event, Google gave us a look at its new AI-based model called “LaMDA”. It is a natural language processing technique that uses Google AI to communicate. The company is using this service to make AI conversations more personal and interactive.

LaMDA can even answer unusual questions during the conversations to make the conversation more interactive.

Update to Google Photos:

There is a new update in Google Photos called “cinematic moments”. It allows users to take multiple photos at a time and then create an animation video out of those photos. This is a major update for the photos app and could change the way users take pictures in the future.

The search engine has also added a private vault in the photos app where you can hide your pictures and lock them with a figure print or a pin.

3D video calling Booth:


The Android Maker is starting a new project called ‘Project Starline’. It creates a 3D model of a person which you are calling using high-resolution cameras and sensors. The 3D looks like that the person is sitting in front of you during a video call.

New Update to Wear OS:

via: Google

The search giant is now merging its Wear OS with the Samsung Tizen OS for smartwatches. It makes the app opening much better and faster and improves the battery life in Samsung smartwatches. It is also surprising that both Google and Samsung that were once competing in the space of smartwatches have come together and joined hands.


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