Facebook has been working on integrating all its messaging services for quite a long time. Now, in a blog post, Facebook confirmed that they are merging Instagram Direct Messages and Messenger. The new update is rolling out in phases and soon will be available for everyone.

This update will help Facebook to integrate Messenger with the Instagram messages. Users will get all the Messenger features on their Instagram direct Messages.

One thing is to be noted that Facebook and Instagram accounts are not merged with this update. And users will not get their inboxes combined with this.

Even after updating both the users of the app can use both the apps to message their friends separately. Instagrammers will have to choose between the option to get this feature instantly or not.

This new update on both the Messenger and Instagram will not haul the user experience on both the apps. The social media giant has applauded this new feature and called it “a new way to message on Instagram”.

If you are wondering that Facebook and Instagram accounts will work separately then how this feature will work. So here is the answer which you need to understand. Facebook users will text those users who don’t have an Instagram account with the help of the Instagram app.

Similarly, Messenger users will be able to connect to those Instagram users who don’t have a Messenger/Facebook account. This will allow users to communicate with each other without any hassle.

10 New Messenger Features will be available to the Instagram DM:

Other than the flexible messaging option discussed above, Instagram users will also get the 10 Messenger features.

  • Starting the things off, users will get the Selfie Sticker feature. This will help users to create emojis, boomerang and selfie to use in the conversation.
  • The second feature is the watch together option. Now users can watch a video together in between the video calls.
  • Vanish Mode is also coming to Instagram. This will help users to send a text that will vanish once they have seen it.
  • The fourth feature is the more chat colour feature which makes the communication more fun and enjoyable.
  • The fifth feature is the custom emojis option, with which users can create a shortcut of their most-used emojis.
  • The sixth one is the Forwarding option where users swiftly share trending content within a group. The content can be shared with the five groups/friends at a time.
  • The seventh one is the reply feature which helps the user to quickly reply to a text message.
  • Another feature is coming to Instagram with this update is the Animated Message Effect. This option will add visual effects to the conversation.
  • The ninth feature is the control option. With this user can control who will send them text directly or not.
  • Last important feature is the blocking option. Users can increase the chances of reporting and blocking users on both the apps.

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