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Facebook is testing many new features for its messenger application. A post shared by the social media expert Matt Navarra which states that the social media giant is now rolling out a feature to lock apps with touch id or the face id for IOS. It is a pretty good feature and provides more security to the Facebook messenger app.

This feature will halt the other users for snooping into someone’s personal chat on messenger.

To enable this feature, the users of the iPhone first need to update their app then upon enabling the feature the messenger will ask the time to unlock the app. You need to choose the time from the available option of How much delay you want before the unlocking of the app again via touch id or face id.

It is also helpful for the people who are having a conversation and they have to use the app again and again. With the delay option, they will decide the time and ask the messenger to lock the app on their desired time.

Messenger Lock Option Via Touch ID or Face ID

Facebook has been working on this feature for the past few months and this feature is in beta for some markets. Popular tech blog Engadget got hands into the beta version of this feature and they share it with others.

With this feature, it is also observed that Facebook is quite serious about the security of its application and the user’s data. Just like WhatsApp, Facebook will also add the end-to-end encryption for its messenger app.

This is the feature that many people will demand from the communication and social app by default. People want to make their communications and interaction more secure and private so this seems to be a good feature for everyone.

It is not clear yet, whether this feature will come to Instagram and WhatsApp as WhatsApp will only allow fingerprint lock options. Facebook already announced that they are going to allow cross-platform services for its messenger apps.

So let’s see when this feature will be made available for Instagram and WhatsApp.

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