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Facebook messenger is getting more security to its voice and video call. In a blog post, the social media giant announced that their audio and video calls are getting end-to-end encryption. This end-to-end encryption will add more security and privacy to user’s voice and video communication.

The company claims that more than 150 million voice and video calls are being administered on messenger daily.

However, this feature will work if the user opts for end-to-end encryption. Similarly, the recipient of the call should also opt for this feature. In this way, the users will be able to have end-to-end encryption on voice and video calls in the app.

With recent updates, another new feature was also added to the Facebook messenger app. This feature is called disappearing messages which we have seen on WhatsApp and Snapchat. Users can send disappearing messages to others with a time limit of 5 seconds to as long as 24 hours. The messages will automatically disappear when their time limit expires.

In July, the company claims that they have started testing end-to-end encryption of voice and video calls and will roll out soon for all users. This feature was already a part of the text messages on the messenger app and as well as for the WhatsApp app.

The end-to-end encryption will bring more security and privacy for user’s communication. Meaning that even Facebook can’t listen to what users are communicating if they opt for end-to-end encryption.

In the coming months, this feature will also be available for group chats and group video calls on the app. As of now, it is available for individual voice and video calls.

The apps also added another feature called “delivery control”. It allows users to “prevent unwanted interactions by deciding who can reach your chats list, who goes to your requests folder, and who can’t message you at all.”

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