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Facebook Messenger users can now send messages through Instagram. Last year Facebook CEO announced at the annual F8 Facebook developer’s conference that they are introducing a cross-platform chat. With that, users can sync all their chats between the Facebook-owned services like Instagram and WhatsApp.

To achieve this, Facebook starts rolling an Instagram update for the users of both iOS and Android. The update displays a message saying, “there’s a new way to message on Instagram,” along with the new feature list such as “new colorful look,” “chat with friends on Facebook,” etc.

When the Instagram app has updated the Messenger icon will replace the icon of a direct message on Instagram. Like Facebook said, all your messages become more colorful. The color of the messages shifts between blue and purple when you scroll your chats. But now the support to message your Facebook friends is not available. It will be added soon, according to Facebook.

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Facebook CEO share plans with which they are going to restructure the entire framework of their chatting applications. The new framework will help to make cross-platform synchronization easier. With cross-platform sync, it is easier for users to communicate with each other under the Facebook ecosystem. It will also help the social media giant to create its ecosystem just like the other giants have. Mark Zuckerberg says that it is an ongoing and long-term project that will be going through 2020 and even take more time. It will also provide end-to-end for better security and privacy protection.


This system will help Facebook to compete with the Apple iMessage. This service starts rolling out and is not available for everyone. It will be spotted by some users and will be available for everyone soon.

Remember, it is a merger of Messenger chat with the Instagram Direct Messages. It is not the merger of the entire platform. The users will not be able to see Instagram feeds on their messenger app or Facebook. All the Facebook-owned apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) will also work as a standalone app.

We will also see the cross-platform chat sync between WhatsApp and messenger shortly. And also, WhatsApp with Instagram Chat too.

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