Facebook notifies about the screenshot taken by someone else

Facebook is a large social media platform that allows you to share pictures, and videos either through posts or stories. Facebook allows you to interact and connect with family and friends around the globe. You can like, comment and share photographs, links, news, and content on the web on Facebook. There has been a buzz around that Facebook notifies about the screenshot taken by someone else.

Facebook notifies about the screenshot taken by someone else

Social media is a great platform for communication. But truth to be told, every single person on this planet likes to stalk. Even after privacy features introduced, you can still anonymously stalk people, even if that means that you can’t watch their stories and take screenshots. However, on Instagram, you need to be added as a friend if the profile is private. Otherwise, you can view anyone’s profile in case the profile is public. You can also view anyone’s Facebook profile even though you are not added as a friend.

Facebook, just like Snapchat and Instagram has a story feature. Stalking someone anonymously on Facebook is possible but you can’t do the same with its stories feature. Viewing someone’s profile on Facebook is different than viewing someone’s story on Facebook. If you are viewing someone’s story, they will come to know that you viewed their story. The same applies to Instagram and Snapchat as well.

Now, you might be thinking about how they will be informed that you viewed their story? Facebook has a feature in its stories section, just like Instagram and Snapchat, the person can view who all viewed his or her story.

Now you might be thinking, does Facebook notifies about the screenshot taken by someone else? That question can come to anyone’s mind since Instagram and Snapchat support such features. In Snapchat, a notification is sent to the user informing who took the screenshot of their story as well as an eye icon appears next to the name of the person who took the screenshot of the story. Whereas, on Instagram, just like Snapchat an eye icon appears next to the name of the person who took the screenshot of the story.

Does Facebook also have the same feature? The answer is NO. It’s quite reassuring, isn’t it? Facebook has yet not come up with this feature. It’s shocking to know, that Facebook does not support this feature yet. However, you will be notified by your smartphone’s operating system, that you took a screenshot.

Facebook does come up with various security and privacy features, but notifying the person about the screenshot is not one of them for now. However, it will be nice to get notified whenever someone takes a screenshot on Facebook too.

However, if you have noticed Facebook did come up with a guard feature on the profile picture. The profile picture with a guard cannot be downloaded. Facebook restricts the option to share or save protected profile pictures. If you are using the desktop version and try to save the protected profile picture, it will be downloaded in HTML format.

At last, it’s still good to know that Facebook does not support such a feature. After all, we can screenshot as much as we want without the user being informed about the activity. The same applies to the Facebook messenger. Even if you take a screenshot of a chat, the person will not be notified. Facebook, again has not included this feature like Snapchat yet.

But, we never know when Facebook might include this feature. So it is good to keep a check just for safety measures. However, it will good if we try and keep the private information of others as private and try not to harm their privacy in any manner whatsoever.

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