Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has become a huge hit for the social networking app. Instagram labels stories as “share all your memories of each day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”.

Stories will let you upload images and videos in a slide format and you can add unlimited photos and videos. The stories will be available for 24 hours only and after that, all the images and videos on stories will be disappeared.

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, so Facebook is planning to merge or cross-sync all its applications. Previously we have seen that Facebook is working on the solution where Facebook messages can be seen on Instagram Direct message.

Now Facebook is planning to involve all its users to watch its sister company users stories. directly from the Facebook app to increase more viewership. Instagram has currently 500 million monthly active users of stories out of 1 billion users.

Instagram Stories

Facebook is Testing a new Feature:

This feature is in development and some Facebook users reported that they can now access stories of image sharing app directly from the Facebook app. The social media app users already have the option to post their stories to Facebook stories.

Users can differentiate the stories on Facebook based on the app colour. Facebook stories have the blue circles around them while the Instagram stories have a pink circle around them which is also the app colours.

Facebook is very concerned about privacy and has many privacy-focused features. So, you can always control who can see your Instagram Stories on Facebook. This new feature is only available to those users who already have their Instagram account linked with Facebook.

You can also select the option in the settings that “Facebook account holders who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your stories”.

According to Facebook, they are testing this feature with a limited number of users. Users feedback will be evaluated and then the final decision will be made on the public launch of the feature. Instagram users also have to option in the settings to choose if their stories will be viewed directly on Facebook or not.

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