Facebook allows users to create only a single profile with a single account. But this might change in the coming days as Facebook is testing a new feature that will let users create multiple profiles with a single account. The purpose of this feature is to allow users to create profiles depending on the people they want to interact with a single profile. This means that users can create a separate profile for their friends, a separate profile where only they can interact with their family members, and a separate profile for their colleagues, all of this under a single account.

As per reports from Techcrunch, Facebook states that the purpose of this new feature is to “help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships.”  This feature is currently being tested with a select number of users and it will allow users to create a maximum of five profiles within a single account. Five profiles should be enough for most users.

Every profile must have a different username and profile name, however, your original profile must have your original name for clarity and to avoid any confusion. All the profiles will follow the Facebook policies and procedures. The profiles also must not have anything that is against the company’s policies and they also should not represent something that might become an issue for other users. All information on the profiles must be the user’s own.

All the profiles will have the same features that Facebook offers to it’s users and users can do all the things on any profile that they would currently do on their account but the company will limit the use of some features on the supplement profiles. Features such as creating and merging the pages will only be available with the main profile only.

This feature is not available for all users at the moment as the company is testing it with a selected number of users. There is also no official news from the company when this feature will be official. So, we have to wait for the news to break out about this new feature and you guys keep checking Kripitech.com which will keep our users updated about when this feature is/will be live and other great and interesting tech news.

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