Enable Image Thumbnail Icons in Mac Finder

A thumbnail is a low-resolution image of any document, including a PDF, image, video, or app icon. Thumbnails are small images that help you find, navigate, and organize your documents. This has a real-world application. The data is quickly viewed and a preview is displayed on the screen. However, there are some disadvantages such as anyone can see and justify the document in front of you. Your preview thumbnails in the Mac Finder may occasionally vanish. They don’t completely vanish, though. Instead, they show the generic JPEG icon instead of the file’s Preview. It’s a difficult problem, especially if you do a lot of visual work. Fortunately, there are few simple remedies, though they aren’t always easy to come by when searching the internet for answers. And here we will discuss the methods to enable image thumbnail icons in Mac Finder . So, keep reading.

Enable Image Thumbnail Icons in Mac Finder

Method 1 – Using the Mac Finder to Enable Image Thumbnails

The default display of the Mac Finder icon in previous versions of OS X was just a simple icon, not the actual thumbnail image. However, image thumbnails are enabled by default in newer versions of OS X. Follow the below-mentioned steps to turn it on or off:

Open the Finder on your Mac and press Command + J or go to Show View Options from the View menu.

In the View Options section, check the ‘Show Icon Preview’ box.

Then, close the View Options panel, and look for the thumbnails for each image.

(Note: If one of your folders contains a large number of images, opening the folder may take a long time because each image requires a thumbnail to be generated.)

Method 2 – Regenerate Finder PLIST file

In the Finder on your Mac, press Shift + Command + G

Next, look for and delete com.apple.Finder.plist.

Now, right-click on the Finder icon in the Dock and choose Relaunch from the pop-up menu.

If Step 3 doesn’t seem to be working, try this:

Hold down the Option key.

Right-click or control-click Finder in your Dock while holding down the Option key.

You can now choose the Relaunch option. If Relaunch doesn’t appear in the pop-up menu, make sure you’re holding the Option key while right-clicking Finder.

Method 3 – Via Activity Monitor

If you are unable to perform the above-mentioned steps, follow the steps :–

At first, go to the Applications and then navigate Utilities

Now, open Activity Monitor on your Mac.

Then, select View and then click on All Processes from Activity Monitor’s menu bar.

Type com.apple.quicklook.ThumbnailsAgent into the search field in the top-right corner of the Activity Monitor window and press Enter.

Select the process from the list, then click the Stop icon in the taskbar

After that, in the menu bar, select Force Quit by clicking the Apple symbol

In the Force Quit Applications list, select Finder and then click the Relaunch button.


After relaunching Finder, your icon thumbnail previews should be restored in Finder windows and on your desktop.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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