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There has been an increasing number of threads in the Android community forums that people are experiencing a new bug with their home screen launcher. The bug asks users every time to set their default app every time they go to the home screen or open a specific app.

It doesn’t matter which launcher is set to default or how many times you tell Android to always use that app as the default. The option just keeps getting reset and it turns out that there’s some type of bug with the digital well-being application on Android and it is causing this same problem for so many people. The digital well-being application is present on every Android smartphone these days.

We are seeing that people are experiencing this issue with the Gmail application if they have multiple email applications installed on their devices. It seems like this bug keeps resetting the default app that users have set up and configured.

If you are one of those who are experiencing this issue then there is a workaround to resolve the problem and fix this bug.

Here is how you can fix the bug that keeps asking for the default home app to be set on Android.

Clear Digital Well-Being cache and data:

The first thing that we recommend is that you have to clear the data and the cache for the digital well-being application. To do so you have to open the settings app and then go to the apps/app list. There navigate the digital well-being app, tap to open the app info page, and then tap on clear cache. After that tap on data in the same app info page and tap on clear data.

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If you do not find the digital well-being app in the list then it may be a system app and to find that, tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the apps page and select show system apps if required.

Turn off Focus Mode on Android:

After clearing the cache and the data for the digital well-being application, if you continue to notice this bug then we suggest going into the digital well-being application itself and making sure that focus mode is disabled and it is not set to turn on at all.

There are a few ways that focus mode can be enabled in the background so go through any schedules that you may have set up within the digital well-being app and make sure focus mode is not set to turn on.

Downgrade to an older version of digital well-being:

If you don’t want to give up using the digital well-being or it’s focus mode feature then the last option that we can suggest to fix this bug with the default launcher app is to downgrade it to an older version of the digital well-being that you are using.

Now, whatever bug is happening with the digital well-being app only started recently and it has been reported that downgrading to a version before the bug was introduced has fixed the bug for many users.

We are not sure exactly which version of the digital well-being has the bug in it, we would advise our users to downgrade the digital well-being application to a version from either June or July.

And after you downgrade the application, be sure that you go onto the Google Play Store application page for digital well-being and set the application to not automatically update. To do this tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the application page on the Google Play store and remove the check mark next to Enable Auto update.

This way the older version stays installed until Google works to fix the bug that is causing this issue.

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