How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code.

Solution 1:

To see whether there is any application that may have been making you get this error, you essentially need to go into safe mode on your smartphone. In this aide, we will utilize Samsung Galaxy.


What is Safe Mode?

Safe mode is fundamentally the same as a PC’s protected mode. It doesn’t stack any Apps. Essentially, it incidentally incapacitates all pre – installed applications and administrations that accompanied the smartphone. In other words, temporarily disable.


The most effective method to Enter Safe Mode:

To enter protected mode and to see whether there’s a guilty party application that might meddle with the system operation of your smartphone, compassionately take after the guideline underneath. To enter safe mode:

Turn off your smartphone

Hold the Power keys

While holding the power keys continue tapping on the menu keys; this is the keys left of the home key.

You will be welcomed with a protected mode logo at the base left of the screen.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to test.

Enter the same Prefix code you were attempting before inside the dialer and check whether it works for example “*135#”

On the off chance that it works, then there is an application which is bringing about the Invalid MMI Code mistake on your android smartphone.

Reboot your smartphone and uninstall any lately installed applications



Solution 2:

Another straightforward and viable approach to settle Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on android smartphone is to include a comma toward the end of the Prefix code.

For instance:

In the event that your Prefix code is *2904*7# then including the comma toward the end would do only the trap which will look like *2904*7#


You can utilize the + before * for example* *+2904*7#

By including the comma it drives the operation to execute and neglect any error that is in the way.


Solution 3

To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on Samsung galaxy, this technique obliges you to just go into gadget data mode and initiating Radio to Turn on IMS over SMS

To Enter data mode:

Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer

Go To Device/Smartphone Information

Click on “Run Ping Test”

After the Ping test is performed

Click on “Turn Off Radio”

Next, Click on “Turn on SMS over IMS”

IMS: IP Multimedia Subsystem

IP: Internet Protocol

SIP: Session Initiation Protocol

While this setting is off, SMS is sent or got over a time of 1x (times), the circuit exchanged association

At last reboot.


Solution 4

Restarting your smartphone a few times can do the trap. Fundamentally, turn your smartphone on, Go To network settings. At that point hold the power and the home keys together until your smartphone kills. At that point turn it back on.


Solution 5

Go To:


System Connection

Portable Networks

System/Network Operators, it will start seeking. You will see accessible systems/networks present. Select your administration/service supplier.

In the event that you chose one despite everything and your still experiencing invalid MMI Code then,

Link once more, typically it can take up to 4-5 endeavors before it really begins working.


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