Samsung Galaxy S6 Slow Charging Issue

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Quick Battery Drainage).

Close The Redundant Running Apps

Numerous applications are there in your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge those continue running in the background regardless of the possibility that you don’t utilize them. So the principal thing you ought to do is close those applications in the wake of discovering them. Besides your communication applications such as your Wi-Fi, radio and GPS applications, third party applications are the fundamental explanation behind depleting battery. So go to the Settings of your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and after that battery session, then see which applications are depleting more battery life.

In the event that you see some specific applications which turn out to be the guilty apps, then either uninstall them or power close them. For the imperative applications you can reinstall them to see the outcome.


Turn Off Communications When They Are Not In Use

Bear in mind to kill the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, cell information and NFC when you are not utilizing them. These services deplete the battery quicker as well slowing down your smartphone by always updating. Turn off them by going to Settings and just turn them on when you have to utilize those features.


Restart Your Device

It is constantly proposed to restart your smartphone when any sort of issue, for example, battery depletion, execution, overheating or camera issue is happening before you continue with different solutions. To restart your smartphone hold the power key, it may take care of the issue briefly.


Deactivate Location Services

In the event that you are not utilizing maps or any applications like that then there is no compelling reason to utilize location features. When you have to utilize any such applications you can empower the features which is entirely simple. So kill the feature keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the battery life.


Uninstall The Unused Apps

This is one of the best answers for Galaxy S6 battery deplete issue. Adjacent to enhancing battery life this procedure additionally enhances the overall performance of your smartphone. Uninstall the unused applications to free up the storage and to accelerate your smartphone. Attempt to erase the bigger game applications that consume enormous storage.


Battery Charge Cycle

It is imperative to allow your smartphone to go through a charge cycle at least once in a month. That implies charge the battery 100% and utilize the smartphone until it is shut off due to low battery.


Incapacitate Notifications

Getting notices for each application is disturbing as well as expends battery and handling speed. So the applications for which you don’t need warnings, turn off this component for them.


Use Power Saving And Ultra Saving Modes

Go to Settings > System > Battery and you will discover two battery saving modes-Ultra Power saving mode and Power saving mode. Power saving mode diminishes shine, limits CPU execution, and deals with other little things to enhance the battery life. It lets you utilize the smartphone with no extravagant things like screen on time and vibration.

You can empower ultra power saving mode at the basic time when each drop of battery matters a great deal. It restrains the quantity of applications that you can utilize and enacts a grayscale theme to your gadget. Utilize these modes when you have to spare battery and you are out of home.


Play out A Factory Reset

On the off chance that you attempted all the above strides to resolve Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge battery deplete issue yet none of them worked for you, then the time has come to play out an factory reset to convey back the smartphone to the phase as it was at the season of purchasing. For that:

Go to Settings > Personal > Backup and Reset. This procedure eradicates every one of the information from the smartphone, so you can back-up the critical information.

On the off chance that factory reset additionally does not work then you have to purchase a battery pack.


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