Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Apps Freezing And Crashing

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Apps Freezing And Crashing.

App freezing, crashing, lags, system slowdown, sudden reboots, and shutdowns are few of the problems that have been reported to us in the previous versions of the Galaxy model. This means that you shouldn’t be surprised or bothered if you are currently experiencing the same problem on your #Samsung Galaxy S7 (#GalaxyS7Edge, #S7 Edge). The essence of this post is to help you get simple fixes for this problem that you can carry out by yourself without having to go straight to a Service center to solve a problem that you can deal with by yourself.



It will be safe for us to assume that you have quite a lot of pictures, videos, playlists, and important files on your device. This is why we have taken time out to give you a step wise fix for any system performance issue that you might be having with your Samsung Galaxy Edge. You should find the following steps easy to follow while trying to fix the lagging issues on your device:

1. First thing to do is to locate the problematic apps on your device

Most of the time, system performance issues are related to some bad third party apps that you must have downloaded in time past. These apps might be too many for you to check out one after the other, this is why you have to check them out in categories; Pre-installed applications and Downloaded ( Third party apps).

If the slow system performance issue started after you installed an app, then it is most likely that this app is the cause of the slow system performance. It might sometimes be difficult to really pick out the app, so you need to boot your phone into safe mode by following these steps:

Hold down power key. Immediately the Samsung logo pops up on the screen, let go of the power button and then hold the down volume key.

Do not let go of key until the system finishes the rebooting process

Do not release the volume down button until you see the safe mode indicated in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The above step will disable all downloaded apps, so if the problem was caused by a downloaded app, it should be fixed now. This makes things a lot faster for you. If the problem still persist, then it means that a pre-installed app can be the cause or a firmware. Try out the next step:


2. Check to see if a system cache is corrupt.

Some system cache can get corrupted after an update. Unlike system data, you do not have to be afraid of losing files and data when you wipe cache. As a matter of fact, it is recommended that you clear your cache from time to time to repair apps that might have corrupted cache. You can clear cache by following these steps:

Shut down your Galaxy Device

Press and hold down volume up and home keys, and then press and hold down power key

When you see the Samsung Galaxy volume on the screen, release the power key but keep holding the home and volume up keys

Release the buttons when the Andriod logo appear and leave the phone for 30 to 60 seconds.

Use the volume control key to navigate to the “wipe cache partition”, once it is highlighted, hold the power key to activate it.

Use the down volume key to highlight “Yes” and then tap the power key to activate it.

Wait until the reset process is through then use the volume control to highlight the reboot option and activate it.

The reboot process will take longer than usual.


3. Reset the Factory Settings of your phone.

This is only needful if the above steps do not work. The process is more complicated than wiping the cache, so you need to back up your important files or move them to your SD card because they will be erased. Follow these steps:

Follow step I-IV above

Use the volume control button to navigate to the “wipe data/ factory reset”. Then activate it.

Use the down volume button to highlight “Yes-delete all user data” then activate it.

Wait for a little while for the process to get to completion, then use the volume control to navigate to the reboot option and activate it.

The rebooting process will take longer usual.

If all the above steps still didn’t solve the problem then you can report to a service center or contact a technician.


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