Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 BlueTooth Issue

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 BlueTooth Issue.


For users facing issues connecting their device to other Bluetooth devices, here are some simple solutions on fixing this matter:

 Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 BlueTooth Issue


Fix Samsung Galaxy S7 BlueTooth Issue

Here are a few basic suggestions that you can try to resolve the The Samsung Galaxy S7 Bluetooth problem:

You can try wiping the smartphone’s cache which can possibly fix a lot of issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

To clear the Bluetooth cache:

1. Go to Settings > Application Manager.
2. Swipe left and select Bluetooth.
3. Select Clear cache and then Clear data.
4. Reboot the smartphone. Reassess

Turn off the Wi-Fi connection and try using the Bluetooth connection.

Go to settings, find bluetooth and remove all known bluetooth pairs and try again.

Delete 3rd party apps that utilize bluetooth or disable them and retest.

Apps can at times disrupt Bluetooth operations so stopping them temporarily or disabling them should fix the issue.

This operation clears the Bluetooth cache which has said to render good results for many of its users. If you don’t get the desired result, you can try wiping the cache partition which I would save as a last option to try.

1. Power off the smartphone.
2. Press and hold volume up, home and power keys until the Galaxy S7 logo appears.
3. Choose Wipe cache partition from the recovery menu utilizing the volume keys to peruse through the available options and the power key to select an option.
4. After the operation is completed you can then reboot your smartphone.

The last step usually resolves some of the most annoying Bluetooth connectivity issues on the Samsung Galaxy S7.


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