How To Fix Slow WIFI Google Pixel Or Pixel XL

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix Slow WIFI Google Pixel Or Pixel XL.


Check if the Wi-Fi timer is on

The Google Pixel accompanies a timer that, if set, can terminate the Wi-Fi connection after a given time frame. Verify whether your clock timer is set on. Go to Settings and tap on WiFi then tap on the menu key and go to Advanced. Search for the WiFi clock timer and check whether it is switched on. Provided that this is on, turn it off.


Check the date and time

Yes, even this can influence your WiFi network. Check the date and time to check whether they are precise. It’s proposed that you permit your phone’s programmed settings to turn on the date and time so it’s naturally right. If it’s off, try adjusting the correct time and date then attempt to interface or connect to an available Wi-Fi connection.


Turn Pixel’s WiFi turn on and off

So neither of those tips worked. Here’s another simple approach to attempt and settle the issue. Have a go at flipping the Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi or turn it on and off. Open the menu and select Settings then Connections. Select W-Fi and turn the on/off slider to off. Give it a few seconds or seven minutes then switch back on.

Another proposal is to flip between the Airplane mode setting. Go to Settings and tap on Airplane Mode to turn it on. Hold up for a few moments then turn it back off.


Forget the WIFI Network and reconnect

Once in a while remove and forgetting the wifi network and then re-connecting with the removed network connections. Before you do this, ensure you have the encrypted key for the wifi network with which you are setting up the association.

Go to Settings on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL, tap on WiFi and search for the wifi network with which you are attempting to interface. Push and hold on the available network, when given the alternative, tap on Forget Network. Switch off the Wi-Fi, hold up around five or 10 seconds then walk out on. Tap on the wifi name that you need to interface with, enter the encrypted passkey and switch back on.


Check if power saving mode is on

The power saving mode limits the WiFi network connection. Perhaps if you switched off the power saving feature and forget it. Go to Settings and tap on Battery and Power Saving Mode. Search for the data confinements and, if Wi-Fi is one of them, switch it back on. On the off chance that you didn’t intend to keep your phone in power saving mode, turn this mode off.


Phone switches between Wi-Fi and data service

Does your phone switch between Wi-Fi and data use? That is likely as a result of the phone’s Smart Network Switch. The component is supposed to keep your phone associated with a steady network connection or association. At times, however, it can bring about different network issues. Turn it by going to Settings>Wireless and un-checking the Smart Network Switch setting.


Update your Operating system

There might be different fixes that address for bugs that could influence your WiFi. Go to System Updates and tap on Check for updates to check whether it gives you the choice of updating.


Check your browser and landing page

Why do you think your web isn’t working? Open your browser and enter a landing page that you know works and hit search. You can likewise utilize the Google search engine and check whether it displays a list of results. Assuming this is the case, then it’s presumable the issue is with the application and not your phone’s web browser.

Wipe your phone’s cache partition

Another announced arrangement is to wipe the cache partition by putting your smartphone into recovery mode. Power off your smartphone device then push down on the power, volume up and home keys all at the same time. Your smartphone device will reboot in recovery mode and you will see an option to wipe cache partition. After the wipe’s done, tap on Reboot System Now.


Reset the modem/switch

Before you begin troubleshooting your smartphone, have a go at resetting the modem or switch. The issue might be with your WiFi and not your Google Pixel. Whichever way that makes for a simple attempt to settle the issue. In the event that you have different gadgets that are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection, you might need to test them out to check whether they are experiencing a moderate connection issue also.


Restart your Google Pixel

 Restart your Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone to check whether it’s having issues that can be resolved by a restart. When you restart it, check whether your Wi-Fi is as yet having similar issues.


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