Fix The Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Wi-Fi Problem

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S5 Slow Wi-Fi Problem.

Here are few solutions that will help on the off chance that you are confronting a Wi-Fi issue on The Samsung Galaxy S5.

Method 1

Attempt a restart of your smartphone to confront the issue and afterwards assess whether the issue is still prevalent. In the event that this progression does not work, then download Wi-Fi Fixer application on your PC and install it there. Wifi Fixer is an application that tackles Wi-Fi issue on Android gadgets.

Download the APK for the Wi-Fi Fixer application here

Google play.


Method 2

Reset the wireless internet router. Turn the router off, sit tight for a moment and turn on back the router and check if the problem is still there.


Method 3

On the off chance that you have attempted the above two strategies and still the same issue exists, attempt to forget and remove the established Wi-Fi connection which has the issue and reconnect. To do this:

Open the notifs by swiping down the screen and select Settings.

Next tap on the network connection tab and after that select Wi-Fi.

It will display to you the accessible Wi-Fi available, select the one which you need to forget and press the forget key.

Again connect the same Wi-Fi connection taking after the same way and check if the issue is settled at this point.


Method 4

1. Download the application “DNS SET”

2. Go to wifi and forget your present WIFI

3. Pick your present WIFI and re-login

4. Open “DNS SET” App and select AUTO-RUN

5. Check Your WIFI speed with “Ok LA SPEEDTEST”



Method 5

Another straightforward approach to settle this issue is to clean the cache partition of your SMARTPHONE. To do as such,

In the first place, turn off your SMARTPHONE totally

Next, press and hold the Volume up, power and home key at the same time

As you see Galaxy SMARTPHONE logo on the screen, let go of the power key yet keep holding the other two keys

After a short period, Android System recovery screen will show up and afterward let go of all the keys

It will show different choices

Use Volume down key for browsing and power key to choose

Go to and select the choice ‘wipe cache partition’.

Next, go for ‘reboot system now’ and your system will be restarted.


Other attempts you can try to settle The S5 Wi-Fi issue are:

Have a go at changing the router bandwidth settings

Change the broadcast channel of router

Altering the security settings of the router is likewise useful.

If nothing works, give a call to ISP and request a higher bandwidth or speed.


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