Fix The Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating Problem

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating Problem.


How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating Problem:

Solution 1:

The simplest and most essential approach to settle the Galaxy S6 overheating issue is to restart your Galaxy S6. Simply switch off your Galaxy S6 phone. Sit tight for a couple of minutes and after that turn it on once more. It is entirely conceivable that this little restart may alter the Galaxy S6 overheating issue.


Solution 2:

There is a plausibility that an application may be the reason for your Galaxy S6 being overheated. To check this you can begin your phone in Safe Mode. Safe Mode permits you to utilize your phone in its most essential state, i.e. the time when you acquired it and there were no applications installed by you. To go to the safe mode:

Turn off your Galaxy S6 phone.

Press the power keys to switch it on once more.

When you see the Samsung Galaxy S6 logo then promptly press the volume down keys and keep it squeezing until the phone’s screen loads.

On the off chance that you were fruitful then you would have the capacity to see a Safe Mode logo at the left corner of your Galaxy S6 screen.

Presently you can utilize your phone for some time. In the event that it doesn’t get warmed up then an downloaded application is bringing about the universe S6 overheating issue. What you have to do is uninstall downloaded applications one by one, beginning with those you as of lately installed, or, you can play out an Factory Reset.


Solution 3:

On the off chance that uninstalling the downloaded applications doesn’t work then you can take a stab at tidying up the cache of the phone. Erasing the cache won’t alternate your own documents and information. You can take a stab at wiping the cache to alter the Galaxy S6 overheating issue without agonizing over your own information.

Tidying up the cache is entirely simple in Samsung Galaxy S6. Take after the progressions beneath:

Turn off your Galaxy S6.

After the phone is killed, press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home keys together and keep them squeezed until you see the Samsung Logo and a Recovery content composed at the top in blue shading.

Here you can explore through the choices utilizing Volume Up and Down key. Go to the Wipe Cache Partition choice and select it by squeezing Power keys.

This would take a few moments.

When it is done you will again see the menu that was shown already. Go to Reboot System now and select it utilizing the power keys.

The phone will restart in the ordinary mode and your Galaxy S6 overheating issue should be fixed.


Solution 4:

On the off chance that none of these solutions works then the final resort is to factory reset your phone. This will erase all the client information so you would need to make a back-up of critical information before doing a factory reset.

To do a Factory Reset:

Power off your Galaxy S6.

Utilize the methodology in solution 3 above to go to the recuperation menu.

Here go to the wipe data/factory reset choice and select it utilizing the power keys.

Presently select ‘Yes – erase all client information’ and press the power keys.

Presently your phone has done a reversal to the factory settings and every one of your information has been eradicated.

On the off chance that despite everything you encountering the overheating issue then you ought to take your Galaxy S6 to the retail location where you bought it or to your bearer.



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