How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Issue

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How to Fix “Warning: Camera Failed” issues on the Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an awesome smart phone with great specifications which definitely include a superb camera loved by a vast majority of smart phone users worldwide. Unfortunately, all the excitement about the phone and its capabilities could easily come crashing down especially when you meet a celebrity that you love so much and just as you were about to get a “sweet” selfie with the said celebrity, your Galaxy s7 phone give you the Warning: Camera Failed.

Although the scenario I just described might not be the case of many persons who use this smart phone but it is certainly annoying when you want make use of your camera and it crashes at initialization. According to reports, the camera failed warning is a common problem experienced by many users. This make its very important for you to know how to fix the galaxy s7 camera issues.

Quick Signs of a Failed Camera Report

If you own a galaxy smartphone currently especially the s7 model, you need to be familiar with the signs that you will see if the camera begins to crash at initialization:

. The first message that welcomes you when you open your camera will be the error “Warning: Camera Failed”

. You will also see this error when you switch from the rear camera to the front-view camera.

. In cases the camera app opens up but stops for some seconds before displaying the error message.

. The error shows up randomly and sometimes spins out of control.

. The camera forcefully closes on it owns at random.

How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Issue 

How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Issue

How to Fix the Issue

There are several known causes of the “Camera Failed” error, and we have received a lot of e-mails and complains to prove this. It is therefore important that you have a idea of how to fix the galaxy s7 camera issues on your own before you scream for help. The following troubleshooting procedures should be very useful in solving the problem:

>Disable the Smart Stay Feature and Reboot your phone: You can perform this very simple operation by; navigating to the settings on your phone, Tap display, Tap smart play, touch the toggle to switch it on and off, reboot your phone.

>If the above procedure doesn’t work, just simple restart the camera application.

>Wipe Camera Cache: If the problems persist, this procedure will help solve it if it is related to the camera cache:

1. Navigate to settings on your phone.

2. Tap application and then application manager.

3. swipe to the all tab option.

4. Locate the camera app and tap it.

5. Tap the force close option first and tap storage

6. Tap clear cache, and clear data.

>Delete system cache: If the problem persist after the above procedures have been exhausted, you need too wipe your system cache:

1. Turn off your Galaxy s7.

2. Press the volume UP and power on key at the same time.

3. When the phone comes on, you can let go of the power on button while still holding down the volume up key.

4. When the Android logo shows up, then you let go of all the key and wait about for 30-60 seconds.

5. Navigate through the options with the volume up and down key to the “wipe cache partition”.

6. You can then use the power key to activate it.

7. Wait for the process to finish and then navigate to the “Reboot system now” option and activate it.

8. The rebooting process here takes longer than usual, so you have to wait.

This process would most likely fix the problem but if it persist, then your phone might have a failing unit. This can also be fixed by performing the above procedure for system reset but this time around, you will activate the “wipe data/factory reset” option.

If all these techniques fail, then it is time to contact your provider and have it replaced.


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