Fix WiFi Connection Problem Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix WiFi Connection Problem Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


There are many ways to resolve WiFi Connection issue on The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and in this post we will focus on the most effective ones.


Method No. 1:

A few clients who are having a WiFi issues have found an answer by ensuring that the mobile data is turned off. Pull down the notif shade and flip off Mobile data.


Method No. 2:

Open Settings on your smartphone > Menu > Advanced > and check whether the Auto Network Switch is unchecked. If not, then un-check it. A few people have found an answer by doing this.


Method No.3:

Turn off your wifi router and your Galaxy note 3 for couple of minutes, and after that turn them on once more.


Method No.4:

Open Settings on Galaxy note 3, go to WiFi, and after that long press on the connection. Advise your gadget to forget the connection and set the connection again.


Method No.5:

Swarmed channels could be the reason behind a WiFi connection issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. To check whether this is the reason for your issue, install the free application WiFi Analyzer and check whether swarmed channels are the issue. Assuming this is the case, then change the wifi router channel.


Method No.6:

Ensure that the firmware of your wifi router is exceptional, furthermore, check settings like MAC filtering.


Method No.7:

On the off chance that you are having a WiFi issues, then impairing WiFi Direct Share and WiFi Direct applications can tackle the issue. To impair them, go to Settings, then Application Manager on the all tab, tap on the application and afterward tap Disable.


Method No.8:

Most clients have found an answer by changing the date and time on their smartphone. Go to Settings >Date and Time and change the time zone.


Method No.9:

Disconnect all gadgets that are connected to the modem, then connect your Galaxy Note 3 first. More often than not there are connection verification issues with gadgets that are associated on the same system, for example, IP issue.


Method No.10:

Besides, changing the Encryption Algorithm of your security settings to “TKIP or AES” can alter the WiFi connection issue. Sign in by entering this in your URL:

Linksys –

3Com –

D-Link –

Belkin –

Netgear –


Method No.11:

Update your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with the most recent software update in the event that any is accessible as it may repair the issue in a flash.


Method No.12:

At times some 3rd party application can precipitate this Wi-Fi issue, therefore you may confront moderate or frail/slow connection, connection drops regularly and other Wi-Fi related issues. To check if any 3rd party application is the offender, boot the gadget in safe mode.

Turn off the gadget first for that.

Next press the power button for few moments till ‘World Note 3’ shows up on the screen. As you see that logo, let go the power button and hold down the Volume down button. Keep holding it till the gadget is restarted.

Presently safe mode will show up on the base left of the screen.

Check now if the Wi-Fi issue is resolved or it is still there. In the event that the issue is not confronted in Safe mode, it must be 3rd party application that is causing this issue. So find out which application is the culprit and uninstall it.


Method No.13:

Resetting the system settings is another awesome approach to dispose of the Wi-Fi issue. Here is an orderly procedure to do as such.

From the home screen of your gadget, tap on the “Smartphone” option.

Presently dial ##72786#, the # in the last won’t be showed up on the screen. As you dial this number, it will begin the hands free activity.
A notice will again be going ahead the screen, simply tap “Yes” to proceed with the procedure.

The Hands-Free Activation will be effectively finished. Tap “alright” once more.

You will see that the PRL has been updated. Press “alright” to proceed.

Again tap alright on the following screen and the smartphone will be restarted.

You have effectively reset the system settings. Presently check if the Wi-Fi issue is resolved.


Method No.14:

Factory reset: This is most likely the last choice to illuminate any sort of issue. On the off chance that you have attempted all the above strategy yet stuck at the same spot, play out a factory reset and the issue will be resolved certainly. The procedure is clarified underneath:

Turn off the gadget first.

Next press down three buttons: Power button, Home button, and the Volume Up button at once till you see ‘System Note 3’ on the screen. Presently let go of the Power button.

In a short moment you will see Android System Recovery screen, let go of the other two buttons also.

Go to wipe data or factory reset utilizing the Volume Down button and utilize the Power button to choose the option.

When this is done, go for master reset and after that ‘reboot system now’. Your system will be restarted.

In any case, bear in mind to have a back-up of your gadget before playing out a factory reset as this procedure will erase every one of the information and your applications and you would have to install them over again.


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