Apple Employees Should Now Appear in Office At Least Once a Week

Simon Lancaster, a former Apple employee who is being sued for leaking the company’s trade secrets, has now filed a petition to pause the civil lawsuit against him.

This is until the completion of criminal procedures going on, as pursuing both simultaneously can hinder in exercising his constitutional rights. He was being charged for leaking trade secrets to the media, in exchange for personal favors.

Charged For Leaking Trade Secrets

Former Apple Employee-Cum-Leaker Appeals For Pausing Civil Lawsuit Against Him

Though product companies strictly bar their employees from sharing internal data with outsiders, few leak sensitive information for personal gains. And media outlets are constantly in the look for such reliable leaker to publish breaking stories.

Well, one bad move can spoil the future of those involved. And in Apple’s case, Simon Lancaster is facing the jury now. Lancaster was an employee for 11 long years before he was dismissed for leaking trade secrets.

Throughout his tenure, Lancaster severed as Product Design architect and Advanced Materials Lead, where he got 40 patents under his name and helped Apple develop the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. He was later alleged for sharing the company’s trade secrets with external media, in favor of positive stories about a start-up he invested in.

While Apple is now pursuing a legal course against him, seeking damage relief and restitution for exploiting his position for personal benefits, Lancaster filed a stay petition to pause the civil lawsuit against him for a while.

This is until the criminal investigation is ongoing, which is due on November 18th this year. This is because pursuing both investigations simultaneously would hinder him from accessing his constitutional rights, especially the fifth amendment. His stay appeal read, “Both actions proceedings would put Lancaster “in the untenable position of having to choose between exercising his constitutional right against self-incrimination and defending himself in the civil action.

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