Fossil Hybrid HR 3ATM rated hybrid smartwatch launched in India

Fossil has recently introduced its latest Hybrid HR smartwatch over in India. The hybrid smartwatch which puts together mechanical hands along with a dynamic round read-out display.

The smartwatch utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with your smart devices. It is compatible with most Android 5.0+ devices or iPhone / iOS 10+ powered smartphones. Upon connection users can access Fossil’s Smartwatch apps to customize watch face dials, check in-depth activities, filter notifications and a lot more from what we said here.

The Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatch gives out call and text previews, track workouts, analyze heart rates and gives real-time weather reports. The smartwatch also gives app alerts and contextual information which includes second time zone. There are also three (3) push buttons which are customizable for shortcut usage.

This hybrid smartwatch is 3 ATM rated and comes with front light for usage in low light visibility conditions. It also features a power efficient display with its battery lasting the user for up to two weeks with all features on. The smartwatch’s battery can be fully charged in about 1 hour due to its rapid / fast charging feature.

The Fossil Hybrid HR is currently priced at Rs. 14,995 in India. The smartwatch will be available in Collider Dark Brown and Collider Black Silicone Leather models or variants. However its Collider Smoke Stainless Steel model will cost a little more, the price should be Rs. 16,495.

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